Kanye Addresses Drake, Macklemore, Apple, Writers and Everybody Else


Why stop at one speech (rant) when you can continue the next day? Kanye West does it again the next day after his rant about Charlamagne Tha God, Sway, and Jimmy Kimmel, he felt it was time to address Drake, Macklemore, Nike, Apple, magazine writers, and everybody else.To be completely fair, Yeezus showed nothing but love for Drake after his recent Rolling Stone cover story controversy. The story included negative quotes from Drake about Yeezus. Drake was very upset with Rolling Stone and says he never commented on Yeezus.All jokes aside, Kanye may be a bit on edge at times but he always speaks his mind and sometimes he is on point with what he has to say. You may not agree with everything he says but it is refreshing to see an artist that just doesn’t care and speaks “his” truth.

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