“Hit the Floor” star Kimberly Elise sat down with Wendy today to talk about Rihanna’s revealing dress from the CFDA Awards last night, the new whitney houston made for TV biopic and of course the new season of VH1’s “Hit the Floor.”While Wendy was not a fan of Rihanna’s see-through red carpet look Kimberly had a different opinion. “I think she looked amazing,” Kimberly said. “My understanding is that this was in honor of Josephine Baker. [The outfit] is very reminiscent of something she would have worn, and today’s her birthday actually. She would have been 104. To me Josephine Baker did so much for the advancement of black women in entertainment, so if [Rihanna] wearing this has us talking a little bit about Josephine today, then more power to her.”Kimberly also gave Wendy her thoughts on the whitney houston biopic that’s being made for TV and not the big screen, which the Houston family is not happy about. “I’ve done biopics that have been feature films and TV movies, so to me a great movie is a great movie as long as its well told and well executed.” She did feel for the Houston family saying, “On the other hand it’s really important to honor and respect the family. If you honor and respect the artist, you respect what the family feels. Whitney left so much for us, our ultimate respect for her would be honoring her wishes.”The “Hit the Floor” star even dished on what to expect about the upcoming season of the VH1 hit. “It is a very sexy show, but this year is particularly dark,” Kimberly told Wendy. “It’s much darker than it was the first season. [There is] a very thick plot, there’s mystery, and murder and corruption and really goes into the underbelly of this whole corporation of professional sports. It gets pretty deep and dark.”https://youtu.be/JvPQqMG7Sac 


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