(VIDEO) DJ Envy Says Kanye West Makes No Sense


DJ Envy, one of the hosts of the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM said he is tired of Kanye West and all his antics, saying it’s exhausting.

Kanye West has recently been making rounds on social media. He recently talked about Tremaine Emery, calling him “Tremendez” and said, “Tremaine’s new name as the BLM officer at Supreme is Tremendez. You only got the job because you were Black, and you used to work for me, and you knew Virgil. 

You don’t have the money to make it out of this one alive. This is the worst mistake of your life. You broke my heart Tremendez. I took you off the streets Tremendez only coz you was the struggling version of Virgil. You threatened me Tremendez. I am your conscience Tremendez.”

This response came after Tremaine slammed Kanye for his White Lives Matter t-shirt. Tremaine Emery said he also has the receipts, adding, “You are so broken. Keep Virgil’s name out of your mouth.”

Kanye had an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News and addressed all the controversy with the White Lives Matter t-shirt. Kanye West said, “The answer to why I wrote WHITE LIVES MATTER on a shirt is because they do. It’s the obvious thing.”

Tucker Carlson asked Kanye West why it would be controversial, given that all lives matter because all lives are created by God. Kanye responded by saying, “The same people that have stripped us of our identity and labeled us as a color have told us what it means to be black and a vernacular that we’re supposed to have.”

As a response to hearing this, DJ Envy said to him Kanye doesn’t make sense, and whoever’s talking to him is giving him the wrong information.

Angela Yee opposed DJ Envy saying you can’t blame anybody else for his free thinking and that Kanye does what Kanye wants to do.


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