Jumpwire Media: Urban Radio Not Taking Advantage of Social Media

 width=Jumpwire Media, a company that builds and executes revenue generating strategies leveraging expertise in emerging media has released an extensive report to aid radio executives and programmers on the best social media practices to increase radio metrics. This report is quite valuable in the details it provides and shows how radio is not taking advantage of the social media opportunities available to the industry. Here a few key practices and procedures they found from conducting their study.

  • Facebook activities drive radio ratings especially when photos are the key content posted
  • The best time to tweet for radio stations is on a Friday
  • Radio stations have an inherent YouTube advantage that is not being exploited: celebrity interview helping to drive video views via proper tagging.

These are just a few words of wisdom provided by the Jumpwire Media report. For the full report including data, graphs, etc. view it below: 

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