Former Ebony Editor Hired to Launch New ESPN Site Geared Toward African Americans


Radio Facts: Radio Facts: amydebuois
ESPN has sought the expertise of former Ebony magazine editor, Amy DuBois Barnett.  Amy is expected to become the executive editor for an upcoming website about African-American sports and culture, the network announced Thursday.
Reporting to Jason Whitlock, founder of the new site, Barnett will be in charge of managing editorial operations. According to a spokesperson for ESPN, Whitlock and Barnett are in the process of developing the site with no anticipated launch date.
In the words of Jason Whitlock, “Amy’s impressive resume across a wide range of publications and brands, as well as her leadership experience, will ensure that the site will be at the forefront of news and commentary relevant to African-Americans.  Together, we aim to serve audiences with quality and innovative journalism when the site debuts.”

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