Doug Banks Memorial Services


Earlier this week Radio Facts reported on the death of radio legend Doug Banks. We have gotten word on his memorial services.
Radio vet Doug Banks’ memorial services will be held 10 am, April 16th at
7405 West Northwest Highway
DALLAS, TX 75225
Doug Banks, radio



  1. I listened to only 2 shows on 92.3 Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden. He got on my nerves sometimes but I thought it was a great business move to have him on the air. I was able to learn of events across the country and often contacted friends in other states who were able to join into the Michael Baisden discussion. It is sad to see him go. I am not a big Frankie Darcel fan. She is not bad. She does not have the energy and zest of the Michael Baisden show.

  2. It took me quite a while to begin to listen to the Michael Baisden show. A lot of the negative commentary others have presented is correct. However, Michael is a voice that can educate and entertain and not just aggravate. I was not a daily listener but did tune in whenever I was in the care during his time slot. If he was too scandalous I would move on to something else. But, I always listened for the information that would empower, educate, and encourage. And most times I could find something downright funny that made the drive a little easier to handle. So, as surprised as I am to say this, I, too, feel WMXD made a huge error in judgement by removing Baisden and replacing him with Ms. Darcell. Her show does nothing to make me take notice and I find her manner annoying. But, having said that, she is a sister doing her thing and I wish her well.

  3. I have mixed feelings on Mike’s removal from WMXD. A lot of his topics were really informative and funny, but a lot of his topics were offensive. You would have to listen while cringing or just switch to another station. Most days I choose to switch to another station other days I would get caught up in the topic and just be depressed at the state we really are in as a race.

  4. I didn’t like MB either after a while but I toloerated him until he made that George guy part of his show, but I can’t stand kwame’s “other woman”. Once a couple of years ago out of the blue she picked on martha Reeves for no good reason and we never got a reason as to why her producer Greg was taken off her show, i bet it was was because he didn’t agree with her on something. She is all about her and what she likes and if you don’t agree or agree to disagree which is really saying she is right she cuts you off. I only listen to the strawberry letter, Footie and the Saturday night show, other than that I listen to Mason and the rest of 107.5 all day, they do play a wide variety of music, give better parties and don’t play that same stuff Jamilla plays every 20 minutes. And Frankie caters to her favories, Rev Winans, and anyone else who would probably help her with her future political endeavors.

  5. There are people in this world who live in a box, and don’t want to think outside of it. they don’t know that where are swingers in the world and some people want to know what swingers do. the are gay youth out there who can’t express it to anyone because the world doen’t understand it, their are people who hate their job, hate their spouse and the list goes on and on. Michael Baisden took that list and took that mic and allowed the world to open their mind to the what if? the other side of life, the things we won’t talk about but, if someone else would. You all know there are pimps in the plupit, why cross Baisden down because you didn’t think of the ideal to open conversations that people actually want to hear and talk about. Michael saved alot of people money from talking to a shrink, the topics were helpful to some and the callers allowed the listeners to hear other peoples(not michaels) view on the subject.Now he is back on at 105.9 kiss fm and 92.3 is going down the tubes.cause most of their listeners are locked into 105.9 kiss fm. The topics have changed for Mr. Baisden, his passion for young people, and literary are taking the forefront. HAters, don’t listen, supporters enjoy the new home 105.9 kiss fm. It wasn’t about the topics anyway, 92.3 let him go because he wouldn’t play the playlist for frankie does, frankie don’t seem to be at the mic, I can tell you what’s about to play because her list never changes and that was before she was given his slot. all she had was commercials, which is why she probably got the time slot back. healthcare issue probably paid a big part in his removal too because as soon as he started talking about it. the air went silent and he was gone without a clue to us listener. WELCOME BACK WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK. 105.9 KISS FM ROCKS”

  6. Were gonna miss him. One of many who brings joy like the mailman nothing stops us.. We deliver joy and his contributions will keep him in out hearts.

  7. It makes us said when we hear a fellow broadcaster has fallen asleep in death. Our condolences go to Doug’s family and dear friends. Although I never worked with him, my respect for him and his workmates was very high. I feel glad I got to know him and talk with him about our common love …….. RADIO.
    Since our voices reach millions of people everyday we’re glad we can make their day a little better, we are humbled and honored. Perhaps we will meet again. ( John 5:28-29 )

  8. He was a bright spot on a dreary day. Radio will never be the same. I remember when he Sweat my name for me on my birthday. I enjoyed that so much. We go way back to WGCI and WBMX days in Chicago. Met him several times and always a pleasant person. God bless you my brother. May your journey be peaceful and your family find strength and comfort in their memories of you.To God be the glory

  9. I am a Chicago native. Doug Bank worked in Chi-Town for many years and his syndicated show is still heard in Chi-Town. We love him and the drive home (2pm to 6pm) just won’t be the same. Doug, rest in the arms of the Lord. Praying for his sole and his family.

  10. Doug Banks was simply extraordinary…….My prayers to his daughters, wife and Dede McGuire who has worked with Doug for so many years.
    A radio personality that is unforgettable who became our family each and everyday…….

  11. Doug Banks we will miss you brother. You are not hosting your show from that golden station in heaven. We will continue to hold your radio family up especially De De Mc Guide and De De Renee. It still hard to believe we will no longer hear you on the radio. God knows what was best for you. Prayers and strength goes out to Wendy, Kennedy, Kelly, and your entire family. Until later Doug. Rest in paradise my friend.

  12. Will always cherish his warmth and grace. As as News [email protected] in the early 90s, my boss Perry Williams introduced
    him to me, & his first words to me were “Hey Z, wassup girl?” He and his morning team, Bonnie & Sybil welcomed me with open arms! It was that moment I changed my direction in radio from news to Radio Personality. He made everything so much fun. Never a dull moment with Doug, always sharing his joy with staff & listeners. Such a sweet, charming man. Chicago legend. Let’s keep his daughters Kennedy & Kellie, & the whole Banks family in prayer. # RIP DOUG BANKS
    Zelda Robinson, former Radio Personality WGCI AM 1390, HlnTvShow Producer
    Check back for future updates on Memorial footage ! We miss n luv you Doug! Your spirit lives forever! !!

  13. We here in Chicago, feel like we lost a family member, we LOVE , DOUG BANKS!
    Praying for his family, friends and listeners !
    No more pain, no more suffering, enjoy Paradise .

  14. Chicago needs to hold a memorial service for Doug Banks so we can show him all the love he deserves! I cannot imagine an afternoon without him. His voice, his spirit and dedication. RIP. Stand up for Doug Banks Chicago!

  15. My heart and prayers go out to everyone that was touched by Doug Banks in any way especially his family. I remember when he left Chicago and moved to Dallas. He poured his heart and soul out of how grateful and appreciative he was for all the love Chicago had showered on him. I cried with him.
    So Doug, you’re now in God’s Kingdom, no more pain!!! Rest In Paradise!!!!??????


  17. I will always remember you Uncle Doug watching and listening to you and my dad Mr. Kernie L. Anderson calaborating on radio ideas in his office in Chicago at WBMX Radio. Your death has hit me just as my fathers. I will love you forever and always

  18. I miss Doug so much! I have cried off and on all week. I had the opportunity to work with Doug of and on back in the 90’s Such a caring and funny guy! Laughed with him last Friday on the air telling the story of his goofy fender bender with this guy!

  19. Doug, words can not describe the impact you/ your show had on me during my drive home! After a stressful day of working with EBD middle school and high school students, I looked forward to listening to you and DD Mcguire,You guys were a radio” match made in heaven” rest in peace! I am going to miss listening to you!!

  20. Doug Banks…
    Always one of my fave jocs!
    Rest…Have Peace with the LORD.
    WBMX…a wonderful distant Memory

  21. Doug Banks was a legend. I’ve listen to him for years. Radio will never be the same her in the Chi. Radio personality come and go, but there will never be another Doug Banks. Gone but never forgotten. Rest on King of radio. ?

  22. Gonna miss you Doug! You were one of a kind. No more suffering. No more sickness. Hope to see you one day my brother.

  23. Dearest Doug and family,
    Knowing that I’m being selfish now. Just wish your Chicago family had a chance to show our love. We will miss you sooo much!
    Love you all and God has you in his arms!

  24. I’m truly sorry to hear of this sadness. ..I was so shocked couldn’t believe it. But Doug is in a far better place then we are right now. He with his father in heaven and u couldn’t ask for anyone better then Jesus. He will be truly missed by all of us. We loved him but God loved him more. RIHANNA LOVE ALWAYS DON’T CRY REJOICE.

  25. Doug you will truly be missed here in Chi-Town, but your beautiful spirit will live through out our memories of you. God is always with us and he will be with the Banks Family and his Radio Family.
    Forever In Our HEARTS ?

  26. When I heard of Doug’s death, It made me feel like I did when I heard of Michael Jackson’s death. I’m from Chicago and Doug was a big inspiration to us here. He will be missed, rest in the arms of the Lord Doug.

  27. Doug will be missed greatly. My condolences to all of the family and friends. Doug rest in peace and thanks for taking of us in Chicago. Your friend and previous neighbor. I love you..

  28. Deepest Sympathy To Doug Banks Family and Friends.
    Doug I will be looking at the moon but I will be seeing you.
    Restful Peace Brother!

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