Industry Vet Doug Banks has Died


Originally posted April 11, 2016 –  Radio Facts is sorry to report that industry vet and syndicated host Doug Banks has died. Banks suffered for many years with Diabetes. We will keep you posted on services.

Rick Party stated the following as a tribute to Doug:

“Give people their flowers while they’re still alive.

Doug Banks (RIP) was truly one absolute best ever!

I can’t even fathom the thought that one of my mentors and great friends, Doug Banks (Red Shorts), has passed on.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Doug over 30 years ago before I started radio, I was just a teenager riding my bicycle as a messenger in the city of Chicago. I was riding along Chicago Avenue and State St and I saw Doug Banks, Shirley Strawberry and Jerry “The Curlman” Cook grabbing a bite to eat for lunch. I said, “hey your Doug Banks,” and he said yes what’s your name? I introduced myself and told him that I would love to be a radio personality one day. My mom immediately enrolled me into Columbia School of Broadcasting and I became a radio professional.

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