CLEAR CHANNEL GREAT PROMOTION: Seattle Radio Station’s ‘Crappiest Towns’ Contest Causes Stir In Iowa


Seattle Radio Station’s ‘Crappiest Towns’ Contest Causes Stir In Iowa

Posted: 1:41 pm PST January 28, 2010Updated: 3:14 pm PST January 28, 2010SEATTLE — People in Des Moines, Iowa, are angry at a Seattle radio station that promises to send a listener to see a “cool band ” in what the station calls one of the “crappiest towns” in the U.S.The winner of KISS-FM’s “Cool Band s in Crappy Towns” contest will see the Black Eyed Peas in Des Moines, Iowa.But a video from KCCI-TV says people in Des Moines are offended.”The radio contest has a lot of feathers ruffled here in Iowa,” said a KCCI news anchor who introduced a story about the contest.”They’re picking on us,” said reporter Eric Hanson. “The promo is frustrating proud Iowans.”I’ve been to Des Moines, Iowa,” said one KISS-FM DJ in the video. “It sucks. I was conceived there. You know the first thing I did — I got out.”Greg Edwards of the Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau told KCCI that the group will try to find out who the winner is.”We’re going to roll out the red carpet and make sure they’ve got great accommodations and (eat at) the great restaurants that we have — really show them a great time,” he said. “Hopefully, they’re going to go back and get on that radio station and say, ‘Hey, you picked the wrong crappy town.'”via [Source]

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