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Radio Stations Support President-Elect Obama â„¢s Call to Service on King Day

Radio Facts: As economy falters, Americans urged to serve others to honor Dr. King (Washington D.C.) " Radio stations across the country will help support President-elect Obamaâ„¢s call to service by airing public service announcements calling on Americans to serve on the King Holiday and throughout the year.

Behind the Scenes in a Nightclub, The Environment is not for Everyone

Radio Facts: In the wake of Kand i Burruss' fiance AJ Jewell, who was the co owner of Atlanta's The Body Tap, it got me to thinking about how I once had to go behind the scenes in nightclubs for various things like remotes or to collect fees for something my company was working on.

Warner Bros. Plans Job Cuts Across All Divisions – 01/21/2009

Radio Facts: warner bros. continued the run of large media companies reacting to the economic climate by cutting jobs, saying it would eliminate about 7.5% of its existing workforce; it will not fill 200 more open positions.

KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Coming Clean about a few things, The State of the Industry

Greetings friends. I have to admit, the advertising freeze is hurting EVERYBODY on this side of the industry. I'm sure the labels are being...

BET Networks Acquires Debmar-Mercury’s ‘THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW’ for Season Two Domestically; Secures International...

Talk Show Set to Debut on BET in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Africa BET Networks has acquired Debmar-Mercury's THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW for a second season in the U.S.

Bitter Lesbian Radio Feminist Calls Michelle Obama WHAT? (audio)

Radio Facts: I once worked with Tammy Bruce when I worked for KACE in Los Angeles. I was amazed at that entire situation because we were making half of what the KOST and KFI white employees were making even though many of the black announcers had more experience.


Radio Facts: As I predicted months ago, this is going to pass and radio is going to end up paying something....K

Conservative Radio Making Changes

Radio Facts: Amid all the pressures on the radio industry, news-talk stations see an opportunity " and his name is Barack Obama. Skip to next paragraph Enlarge This Image Ruby Washington/The New York Times Rudolph Giuliani is also a potential host.

Why I Can’t Watch Black in America 2

Radio Facts: Over the last few days I have been going to do my usual afternoon run at the gym and they have had Black in America 2 on TV. I have noticed the show has been draining me. I'm not a big TV watcher but there is something about that production that I actually find depressing.

Arbitron reaches agreement with the Maryland Attorney General

Radio Facts: Company agrees to specific actions in Washington D.C. and Baltimore consistent with its continuous improvement program for Portable People Meter services COLUMBIA, MD; February 6, 2009 " Arbitron Inc.

CAN’T STOP LAUGHING: Story of the YEAR and it’s only JAN 8!!! Sheree’s Antics

Radio Facts: FILED UNDER: Get a FOOKING JOB! DO NOT LAUGH: I mean look at Dude, (stop laughing) you KNOW she ....