10 Ways to Get Clients to Pay Faster


We can all trade war stories on how hard it is to get paid from clients and how frustrated it makes us. I certainly understand . I also know that we, sometimes, are a part of the problem as well. Here are some tips in avoiding late pays. 1. Send an invoice to the client AND the assistant.This should actually be number 2. You need to befriend the assistant but the invoice that you send to the assistant will probably have better legs than the one that you send to the contact which will probably gather dust on the desk.2. Become friendly with the assistant. Treat them like they are important and even send them an occasional gift (Starbucks card, Barnes and Noble card etc). The assistant takes a LOT of sh… but is directly connected to your contact and serves as a great backup when you don’t want to bombard your client with calls ab (read the whole story here)

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