BMI Songwriter Performs for Nebraska Broadcasters Association

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Pictured after the performance (l-r): NBA past-Chairman and owner/manager Platte Valley Radio Craig Eckert, Wendell Mobley, BMI’s Jessica Frost and NBA President and Executive Director Jim Timm.
The man behind the hits “I Melt” (Rascal Flats), “There Goes My Life” (Kenny Chesney) and “Tattoos on This Town” (Jason Aldean) was on hand to perform at the Nebraska Broadcasters Association Pinnacle Awards Dinner. bmi award-winning songwriter Wendell Mobley performed of the top radio and TV executives throughout the state. Celebrating their 80th year, the Nebraska Broadcasters Association was formed with the purpose of advancing the best interests of the free, local, over-the-air, full service radio and television broadcast industry in the State of Nebraska.



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