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ANNOUNCEMENT: Radio Facts Urban Radio and Music Industry Awards

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 width=Our previous contests have garnered a great amount of attention from the industry…After our repeated forwarding of news and information and several requests to other industry organizations to acknowledge, include and honor those in TODAY‘S Black radio and music industry that are rarely lauded for their efforts, the Number One revolutionary industry trade publication, Radio Facts , has decided to take the bull by the horns again in announcing The Radio Facts Urban Radio and Music Industry Awards.  “The extreme lack of opportunity for today’s Black radio and music industry to celebrate and reward our efforts has left our industry with a HUGE hole in it” states Radio Facts ‘ owner kevRoss.   “Whatever our differences there is a special camaraderie and family bond that has always permeated the Black radio and music industry.   The current generation of Black radio and music industry people are missing out on an amazing opportunity that veterans like myself once enjoyed. The tradition needs to continue by someone stepping up to the plate to celebrate the ENTIRE Black radio and music industry and our great efforts.” Ross continued.The voting will be done online and the awards will be given in several categories. Voting will be done for the industry BY the industry. Winners will receive Radio Facts Radio and Music Industry Award 2012 certificates.The voting will start soon and we will present categories and requirements for voting soon. At this time, this contest and the awards will be completely online. Help Radio Facts , the premiere Black radio and music industry site do what no other organization is doing, celebrate the contributions of today’s entire Black radio and music industry.The contest is open for sponsorships. Please contact [email protected]

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