8 Radio Power DJs who Used Radio to Springboard Greater Success



For the cover of our new Power Play List magazine, (hitting Jan 14, 2022) none other than Charlamagne or Lenard McKelvey makes the cover for his unprecedented power moves over the past year. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest hustlers in the game and he has been able to use his radio platform as a way to springboard many more opportunities. He has reached one of his greatest goals by hosting his own TV show in 2021, The God’s Honest Truth on Comedy Central


The last time I talked to Envy he owned 100 houses and was touring the country promoting real estate with an unselfish mission of not ripping people off with real estate seminars. Many real estate seminars do just that charging people in the thousands for what Envy gave of less than $100 dollars. As a real estate agent, I can vouch for his seminars being one of the best I’ve been to. In addition to that, he’s been hosting his car show around the country as well where he showcases celebrity cars and invites the public. He told me he has always dreamed about doing this and it has come to fruition.

Sam Sylk

Sam Sylk has also observed success outside of his radio and media careers. He is a published author of a relationship book and the proud owner of seven chicken and fish chain restaurants throughout the city of Cleveland and he is expanding to other cities. Additionally, each fall, his charity event, “Winter Wraps” collects brand new coats for children in need around the Cleveland area.

Sam enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and grandchildren. He also enjoys watching televised sports and has taken up golf in his spare time.

Pamela Aniese

Pamela Aniese the former PD at WUBT-Nashville just purchased a radio station in 2021. We just ran a press release about the move.

One Major Media is excited to introduce a brand new station to the Knoxville market specializing in a unique blend of Hip Hop and R & B music.  WTLT broadcasts on 97.1FM and streaming on LIT971.com.

Joe Clair

Joe Clair is a radio jock who also enjoys being a stand-up comedian, entrepreneur, and realtor. The former host of WPGC’s morning show hasn’t missed a beat since being off the air. He recently filled in for Frank Ski in Atlanta while Ski was on vacation and per his wife’s suggestion, he also recently debuted The Percolator Coffee Co., which will donate a portion of its proceeds to charitable organizations. He told Radio Facts “Everybody wanted me to call it “Cup a Joe” but that was so obvious and used, I wanted it to be something different like that song Percolator.” After a story in a DC newspaper, the brand took off and orders started coming in.

Frank Ski

Frank Ski has had a stellar 2021. Starting with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s “WAP.” They used a sample of a song he wrote more than 20 years ago “Whores in this House” as the music. The song was a smash and Frank has signed a Sony Music distribution deal as a result and is working on releasing more music. He is heard on two different stations, WALR and WHUR for mornings and afternoons and he is also promoting his Three Chord Bourbon Whiskey brand. Frank is a fearless entrepreneur who is not afraid of new ideas. He has his hands in many endeavors including the Frank Ski Kids Foundation.

Dr. Rick Party

That’s DR Rick Party to you… Rick Party is one of the smartest radio broadcasters I know. He is a pristine example of using radio as a springboard and not a recliner. He is excellent at doing production which has sustained him nicely the few times he was on the beach from radio. He’s so good at what he does, radio keeps calling him and he just started his own nationally syndicated morning show and his timing is perfect. In a day when stations are cutting back on local talent and exploring using robots, Rick’s talent will supersede that and come shining through. Rick is someone I consider a good friend in the industry and I’m amazed at how brilliant his is with new ideas to grow his brand. Currently, he’s teaching voiceover classes on Clubhouse to a wide audience as well as just receiving an honorary doctorate degree in humanitarianism.

Jamal MaL-Ski McCoy

This video tells it all. How this man has time to do anything else is beyond us. He recently added Music Director to his heavy schedule for Stevie Wonder’s KJLH radio station.

DJ MAL-SKI 2019 (REVISED) EPK from DJ MALSKI on Vimeo.

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