You hear it here: Local radio shows offer listeners something different |


Old-fashioned radio is not dead. The trouble is finding it on the dial. Remember dials? If not, the modern equivalent is knowing when to stop the scan button.These days, restricted playlists OK’d by suited executives can reduce radio DJs to puppets. Or eliminate them. Great songs are wrung dry by repetition while others are forgotten. And not to dis the genius of Pandora, but when a computer system deduces what you want to hear, the excitement of discovery is diminished.Many music lovers lament that lazy listening doesn’t turn them on. They’ve tuned out. But a few people in Jacksonville offer extra incentive to tune in: They’re producing original programs, playing music that many people would otherwise never hear. Their shows pepper our airwaves, reinventing old radio conventions. We’re sharing a few we find refreshing.via [read the whole story here]

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