Now You Know the Music (and Radio) Industry eBook by kevRoss

Now-u-Know “The Music Industry” by kevRossGetting and KEEPING a gig in the music and radio industry can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Music and radio industry expert kevRoss (the Publisher of The Radio blog) takes his 20 plus year of experience and breaks it down in a very easy to read eBook. Now You Know the Music Industry.This powerful and informative eBook will save you time and money and will give you the tools not to make the mistakes that MOST people make where it takes them YEARS to recover. Subjects below are some of the areas covered.

  1. The 5 most common things that destroy your chances
  2. “Surrounding yourself with the right people”
  3. The art of “Beef” and using it wisely
  4. Maintaining the business end of your success
  5. Once you gain Success, how to KEEP it.
  6. Ways to make yourself valuable
  7. Conferences you NEED to go to and why
  8. The Egos of the industry….
  9. How to play the politics of the industry
  10. The art of “Trust”
  11. A “fool” and his money
  12. Getting radio interested in your product
  13. Promoting your own product online
  14. Reasons Radio won’t play your song(s)
  15. What is a radio station “Playlist?”
  16. Independent promoters. How they work…
  17. What to look for in an independent promoter
  18. Using social networks to build your brand
  19. Affiliate marketing
  20. Working for Free or at a discount…
  21. Working with friends and family….
  22. Making the Industry come to you….
  23. The Element of Time:
  24. The art of “Celebrity”
  25. How record labels work today

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