Ann Nesby Makes Us “Remember”


annHers is a voice we haven’t heard on the radio in awhile. Five years to be exact. And in this fast paced, disposable world we live in, five years can mean an entire career for an Artist. Not so for Ann Nesby, who for the last 25 years has been called the Queen of Inspirational Soul or the Queen of Gospel House music depending on what circle you’re in. But make no mistake, no matter what you choose to call her, there’s no mistaking that voice. That legendary voice.As a lead vocalist for 2x Grammy® winners Sounds of Blackness, Ann Nesby asked you to “believe,” now after a five year hiatus, she’s returned and this time she’s asking you to “Remember.” “Look back and remember…How he made you laugh, how she understood” Nesby sings in the chorus. “Remember,” serves as a timely celebration of marriage and relationships as she and her Husband and Manager Timothy Lee recently celebrated their 20th Wedding Anniversary on August 6th.The Kendrick Dean produced mid-tempo groover percolates with youthful energy as Nesby’s earnest vocal delivery encourages a trip down memory lane in the face of current relationship woes. It’s as if your favorite Auntie sat you down and served you some sage advice. “As men and women, we all go through it” says Nesby. “But when you find the right one who can be your partner, your lover ,and your friend hold on tight. Tim is all of that to me, and more!”Listen to “Remember” here: – 

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