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Comments by voters…

These two are hilarious and the format is awesome. Its not like a regular show, you can actually see them and see the videos of all of the music they play. Its incredible. Atlanta, Georgia

I love smooth contemporary Jazz without all the commercial interruptions.   San Diego, CA I like the variety of music that is played.   You don’t hear the same songs over and over.   Richmond Heights, Ohio

The show’s been on the air before satellite radio and before internet radio made it big……you never know what you’ll hear unless you tune in.   Marlton, NJ It is a great mix!, San Diego, California

He’s one of the best DJ’s in the industry. He has a lot of variety in his musical selections.   Fairport, NY

The eclectic music.   New York, New York Music is smooth and diverse.   Brooklyn, New York

very informative and up beat show, Palm Coast, florida Content mix of Humor, Shirley Strawberry and Nephew Tommy, Dallas, Texas

Plays such a wide variety of music and do great interviews”, Boston, MA

Fun host with a great music collection!, Toronto, Ontario They Play Classic Hip-Hop. The mixes are dope and the hosts are entertaining!, Los Angeles, Ca

Great blend of music – not all one genre.   Wilmington, DE

The hosts are down to earth and bring community issues to the forefront.   The show is also funny and they play good music.   Augusta, Georgia

Extremely informative. The host is smart, witty, and well rounded.   The guest are entertaining and educational.   Chicago, Illinois Informative, news worthy & funny, Cincinnati, Ohio

Each week there are interesting guests, a wide range of topics of discussion, the pace of the show keeps the audiences attention, and the host   does an excellent job of asking the sorts of questions and engaging with his guests in a way that takes what could be the standard ordinary interview to the next level. , Colorado Springs, CO

pumping good music.   Newark, New Jersey

Throwback jams, lunch hour, talking. Best way to describe., columbus, oh Great host, interviews, and great music.   New York, NY

great mixes, Nashua, NH It plays all the songs you know you want to hear and dance to.   Its not just the same songs that you hear on the radio.   He always tosses in a few surprises.   , Brighton, MI

Because it’s awesome! , Moorestown, NJ

He engages his audience with his quick wit, knowledge, and intelligence. He can tackle a variety of topics with relative ease.   I honestly believe that he was destined to become a Broadcaster, Chicago, IL

Great music and special guest.   Ann Arbor, MI Topical, insightful, a fresh perspective, truly sounds like a conversation in your living room with some really cool folks you might never have a chance to meet.   Chicago, IL

it is smooth and reaches out to your enter soul.   The Music, Hampton, Va

I Just like it, Baltimore, MD

She loves the city, Sanford, NC

He cares about his listeners and does not discriminate. He appeals to the dynamic of both genders in regards to music and is a gentleman and a scholar showing no signs of conceit, arrogance, and shows himself as a student of the things his listeners say during the talk segment of his show for his own betterment and the betterment of his relationship with everyone he comes across.   Staten Island, New York

Strawberry Letter, Atlanta, GA

Truly a New Orleans Morning Show.   One of the few Urban AC local morning shows in the country and the only local Urban AC morning show in all OC Cumulus Broadcasting.   The show is of the community!, New Orleans, La

I’ve been listening to him for over 10 years and he is the best! Very professional and knows what his listeners want to hear.   Woodbridge, VA

Very informative and funny! Cleveland, Ohio Very down to earth and straight forward, Chicago, Illinois it has great musicand entertainment, portsmouth, va.

It’s one of the best shows on the radio stations here in VA.   It’s the only jazz radio station CENTER in this area.   Suffolk, VA

Can you match which one of these shows (below) the people above are talking about???

BaseLine with Chris Base

Bassman/Marcellus Sheppard

Bertram “Mykki” Gage

Brian Sizemore

Brion Lassiter

Brion O Brion

Chris Base

Click Neechy

Dan Bernstein and Terry Boers

Dj Bijal

DJ Bishop

DJ Creativity

DJ Cocoa Chanelle

DJ Dimepiece

DJ Flair



DJ Prolific

Eboni Steel

Egypt Sherrod

Fattz And Cher

Frank Ski

Game Mendoza

Gene Harris and Pat Rice

Guy Brody

Henry Harris

J. Hood & Jarrett Payton

J.R. Bang

Jay King, Lynn Tolliver, Robert Redwine

Jay Lang

Jenny Jones

Joyce Littel & Miss Sophia

Kendall Dixon

Kevin Strawder

LBJ and Kelder Summers

Lenny Green

Leon Rogers

Lila Robinson

Lincoln Ware

Lorenzo Ice-Tea Thomas

Marc Silverman and Tom Waddle

Marcellus ‘The Bassman’ Shepard

MC Lyte & Loni Love

Minnesota Fattz & Cher Best




Russ Parr

Sandi Mallory

Sassy & Dlyte

Shannon Rice

Shawn Ward

Skip Murphy

Steve Harvey

Tammi Mac/Don Amiche

Thomas Mack

Tony Scholfield

Ub Rodriguez


The Deadline for votes is December 21, 2011 VOTE NOW..Winners Announced Jan 5, 2012 DJs and Radio Hosts…PUT THIS CODE (in red) ON ALL YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKING PAGES AND SITES>>> Vote for me for The Radio Facts .com Top 20 Radio Shows (commercial and internet) 2011 Contest. Click this link to vote


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