WHAT? Keith Sweat Doesn’t want his kids on Reality TV but now HE has a SHOW???


Atlanta R&B singer/syndicated radio personality Keith Sweat has teamed up with the folks fortunate enough to have cameras in the Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston household, to bring back Dru Hill.

The one-hour special is called Å“Keith Sweatâ„¢s Platinum House,  and itâ„¢s set to air Feb. 23 on Peachtree TV (Oh Lawd, not the best network to premiere a show, hey don't hate me cause I'm honest. Also, what does “Platinum House” the name have to do with reuniting Dru Hill?).

In short, the gist of the show is Sweat has the R&B group move to Atlanta and live together for 30 days to resolve their differences; and maybe, just maybe, start working on their first album together since 2002. (OH NO, this might be interesting…. I may have to move back to Atlanta to watch!)

Å“My purpose in producing ËœPlatinum Houseâ„¢ stems from my history with R&B groups of the late Ëœ80s and Ëœ90s,  Sweat says in a press release. (why in de FOOK didn't I get it?)   Å“Many of these groups consisted of some very talented individuals, but they also seem to have their problems. (DUH…. Keith, that still holds true today…. )   They have a lot of anger and frustration that they need to release. (HUH, Did Keith go to school for psychotherapy? Should we call him Dr. Keith?)   Although there were many solo careers launched from these various groups, none of the solo careers were ever as big as the success they achieved as a group. (Hi, and my name is bad material, bad egos or bad timing)  Ã‚   My goal is to help groups like Dru Hill (picture above, from l to r: Jazz, Nokio, Sisqo and Tao) get back together and rekindle the magic. (But what if the AUDIENCE has moved on?)   The public wants it, and the music industry needs it.  (I rather like the NEW music industry, who is Keith speaking for?) Should be interesting…

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