The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Whose Uncle Chose His New Wife Over Her: “How Could My Father Figure Shut Me Out and Pick Her?” (video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman whose “father figure” chose another woman over her. The 33-year-old letter writer said her uncle is like a father to her and has helped raise her. The uncle is a “sweetheart of a man” who loves the lord and is financially secure, said Shirley Strawberry. The 58-year-old uncle had never been married and was “anxious” to settle down. He began dating a woman from their town who has a promiscuous past, explained Strawberry.

    “The lady he’s been seeing is not marriage material, and everyone in town knows it. The lady used to run with my mother back when my mother was abusing alcohol and running the streets,” said the woman. The niece said her uncle’s beau had a fling with her father while her mother was pregnant with her.

    The woman said she and her mother went to the jewelry store with the uncle, and he picked out a nice engagement ring for the woman. The next day the woman said she called her uncle and said that his soon-to-be wife had been with a lot of men in their town. “My mother was in the background telling my uncle that he’s being used and numbers don’t lie.” The uncle pledged to take everything into account and talk to his fiancé.

    A week later, they were married at the courthouse. No one from the woman’s family was invited, and the uncle blocked their phone numbers, noted Strawberry. The woman said she was only trying to help. “How could my father figure shut me out and pick her?”

    Strawberry said it was understandable that the uncle no longer speaks to the woman because she had no right to interfere in his personal life. “Haven’t you heard the term stay out of grown folks’ business? Well, you know, that’s what you’ve done here,” informed the morning show host. The uncle has chosen the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and the niece is “meddling” in his affairs, added Strawberry. “He doesn’t care; that’s who he’s going to marry.”

    Steve Harvey agreed with Strawberry and said it was none of the woman’s “business” what the uncle was doing. The new wife was hanging out in the streets 30 years ago, and the woman has probably changed over the years, informed Harvey. The uncle is satisfied with his new wife, and the niece should be happy for him, he added.


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