The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Who Suspects Her Husband of Cheating Based on a Smell: “Her Mind Is Playing Tricks on Her” (video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman who suspected her husband of cheating based on a smell. The woman said she had been married to her husband for almost forty years, and they share a thirty-eight-year-old son. The son moved back into their home, and the woman said her husband was overjoyed to have a “running buddy.” The man and his son like to hang out from “sun up to sun down” on Saturdays, explained Shirley Strawberry. The wife said she did not mind them spending so much time together until she was approached by her son’s friend. The woman’s name is Muriel [sic], and she owns a small restaurant that single men frequent, noted Strawberry.

    The suspicious hubby said she was alerted by the woman’s smell because that was the same odor her husband had on his clothes many times when coming home late at night with his son, added Strawbery.

    “I asked her how things had been going down at the restaurant. She said, ‘things have been going great,’ and looked at my husband,” informed the writer. Â

    The husband denied hanging out at the restaurant and said the establishment was for his son’s friends and “not an old man like him,” explained the woman. The wife said she “could not believe” her husband would have an affair with the restaurant owner because of her large size. “He’s 5’9″, and Muriel is a tall woman.” Despite the denials from her husband and son, the woman is still suspicious that something is going on because “why does he smell like a café?”

    Strawberry said the man was never going to tell the truth about Muriel. “He’s been with Muriel because he knows how you’re going to react; he’s never going to admit that,” explained the morning show host. Cheating and lying usually go hand in hand, she added. The radio Dj advised the woman to trust her instincts. “If it looks like a duck and smells like a duck, in this case, you already know what’s up.”

    Steve Harvey said that he respects the “forensic skills” of women. However, he was not sure the husband was cheating based on a scent. “I respect you all for you all’s intuition, I really do think there’s none greater, but this whole letter is based on a smell,” said Harvey. The morning show host explained that the woman’s mind “was playing tricks” on her.

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