The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Who is Uncomfortable with a Picture of Her Boyfriend’s Deceased Wife Next to the Bed (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman who is uncomfortable with a picture of her boyfriend’s deceased wife next to the bed. A woman wrote into the morning show for advice. She said she is a 53-year-old single woman who has been casually dating a man for three years. His wife died six years ago. The man is a single father who is raising his daughter. They lived in the same apartment complex, and when they met, there was an instant connection, and they started dating, said Shirley Strawberry.

    After the couple had been dating a few months, the man wanted to take a break so he could focus on his daughter, said Strawberry. That was three years ago. The woman said she showed support by cooking for the man sometimes and attending his daughter’s basketball games.

    The man and the woman have recently discussed getting together in a serious, committed relationship, informed Strawberry. The woman said that was what she wanted. And she has been exclusive with her boyfriend. The woman said everything was going fine, except there was one problem. When she was at his place, she was bothered by the constant reminders of his deceased wife. The nightstand picture of the man and his ex-wife bothered the woman the most. The woman said she has an agreement with her beau and wants to be honest about her feelings.

    Shirley Strawberry said if the couple agrees to be honest with each other, then there should be no issues with the woman expressing how she feels about the memorabilia of her man’s wife all over his house. Strawberry said there is no appropriate time to grieve and getting over the loss of the wife will take time. The radio DJ advised the woman to help him expedite the grieving process by being a supportive friend.

    Steve said there were red flags in the letter. The man stopped seeing the woman to spend more time with his daughter. Harvey said he doesn’t know any man who breaks up with a woman so he can spend time with his child. Harvey said the woman was having a problem with the picture next to the bed because the deceased wife was “looking” at her. Harvey thinks it will cause more problems in the relationship if the girlfriend says something about the wife’s pictures being around the house.


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