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Is Myspace Making a Comeback?


Let’s be honest. With the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram, Myspace had almost come extinct in many people’s eyes. As a matter of fact, people often referred to their Myspace page as a complete joke.

Myspace has revamped their site and has put a ton of money into an innovative marketing plan. They recently released new metrics that strongly indicate they are making a strong comeback. Two weeks after launching its new platform, Myspace announced key metrics suggesting strong momentum among its core millennial audience.

Heightened social activity among general consumers indicates increased awareness and interest about Myspace given its renewed focus on creative expression and music, while early site traffic and app download patterns demonstrate early adoption of the new product. The new app’s strong performance has resulted in New and Noteworthy status in the App Store’s social networking category.

Initial 14-day statistics include:31 million unique site visitors to check out the new Myspace34 percent of that traffic came through mobileTo date, there have been 995,000 downloads and updates of the new appMyspace’s new app is climbing up the social app chart quickly, moving from 1,300 to 142 in the first 14 days after its debutThe Myspace app is consistently ranked among the Top 20 social networking appsThe community is liking what they see.

Myspace has been solidly trending on Twitter since its June 12 launchMyspace has trended worldwide for up to two hours at a given time on multiple days (June 12, 13, 15, and 20), even in the face of stiff competitionRelevant trending topics alongside Myspace included:Kanye West (a new album coming soon)iOS 7 (the new Apple operating system)Tim Duncan (NBA finals)San Antonio (NBA finals)Brand sentiment has been overwhelmingly positive across social mediaBrand sentiment on Twitter in September 2012 was nearly 60 percent positive; since launch is now approximately 80 percent positive.

To support its launch, Myspace debuted a $20 million marketing campaign across broadcast, cable, and digital. With multiple brand and product spots featuring an eclectic cast of musicians, artists, and creatives, the campaign is running across high-profile network TV programs, including Jimmy Kimmel Live! , the NBA Finals, and the bet Awards.

Cable outlets running the spots include, Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, Fuse, bet, Adult Swim, and espn. Myspace””whose parent, Specific Media, is one of the world’s largest digital advertising companies””is also including a robust digital media component in the campaign to supplement its traditional media buys throughout the summer. The company, which had not done major advertising previous to its launch, is seeing major spikes in traffic and app downloads, tied to its multi-pronged media campaign.

According to internal data gathered during the campaign’s first two weeks, each media burst of TV, radio, print, and digital, correlates to significant social chatter and app downloads. The airing of a Myspace commercial during the premiere of MTV’s Catfish, for example, created a social spike of 54,000 Twitter mentions of Myspace during the spot itself and drove an hour-over-hour tripling of app downloads and signups immediately after the spot. Myspace has also been active generating partnerships with high-profile brands.

Last week, Myspace announced an initiative to bring the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Live Stream concert series to viewers beginning June 18.

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