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Cumulus’ 103.9 New York Makes Changes

New York's Cumulus radio station 103.9 that carries Tom Joyner and D.L. Hughley made some changes yesterday due to budget cuts. Midday talent La Loca was released along with part-time on air talent Roxie, Terry Bello, production Director Ghost, Miste Cee and some of the traffic staff and others..

Former Principal Finds way to fund School Music Programs

Radio Facts: With more and more schools facing budget cuts, the music programs are often the first to go – and we all know how meaningful music is for kids, and how it can shape the lives of us all. Losing music in schools will have a significant impact on the future of music.

Nonviolent Drug Offenders Can Now Avoid Mandatory Minimums

Attorney General Eric Holder announced yesterday that the Department of Justice announced that it is changing the way thousands of drug offenders are prosecuted. The government will no longer pursue strict “mandatory minimums” for “low-level, nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to large-scale organizations, gangs or cartels,” Holder said Monday.
Clarence Clemons

Fans Can Help Clarence Clemons’ Legacy Live On; Music Education Charity Little Kids Rock...

Before his untimely passing in 2011, legendary E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Little Kids Rock, a leading nonprofit provider of free musical instruments and lessons to more than 100,000 underprivileged public school students across the United States.

Brownhornhit Out at WBLS

Budget cuts are the culprit for terminating the MD position.

Here’s Why Wendy Williams was Suspended…

Radio Facts: Sources are not touching this but of course we have our sources. Wendy invited her husband Kevin on the air after he had been banned by the station because of the sexual harassment suit.

Miller Communications Releases PD Todd Franklin Today….

Radio Facts: Todd Franklin, Program Director at WQKI FM (Old Skool 1029) in Orangeburg, SC was let go today due to budget cuts. A 22 year vet, Todd has worked in Atlanta at WALR, WIGO, AND WAOK AM. Todd has also worked in Columbus, Ga, (WKZJ FM). Todd's ready for his next opportunity.

Is Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey the BEST we can do in Urban Radio?

Radio Facts: As I watch Tom Joyner try to get his show back on in Chicago, I ask myself one question...

Update on Changes at Universal

Radio Facts: Vice President, Urban Promotion for Universal Motown Michelle Madison is no longer at Universal due to budget cuts.   Other UMG staff cuts include  , Shironda Sweet - publicity, Dwayne McClary, Joanne Madhere - Marketing, Jackie Galloway, Michael Spivey, Adam Favors, Eric Taylor,   Sherri Warren, Chris Barry, Derrick Å“D Trane  Traylor   and "Big Paul" Tuivai was also released