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Industry Leaders Call for Equal Treatment of Music Creators when their Music is Played...

Spectrum of Music Groups Come Out in Support of “National Treatment” so Music Creators are Paid Direct Royalties Fairly and EquallyThe movement to achieve global fairness for music creators gained ground today when a broad spectrum of organizations representing artists, musicians, and managers called for the end of the practice by some countries to refuse to pay creators for their work based solely on their nationality. The organizations - Artist Rights Alliance, Black Music Action Coalition, Featured Artists Coalition, Independent Alliance for Artists Rights, International Federation of Musicians, International Music Manager’s Forum, Kobalt, Music Managers Forum

Have You Read LA Reid, Shonda Rhimes or Damon John’s Books?

I know that LA Reid is making the radio and media rounds to promote his new book "Sing to Me." I have to admit I have not read it but I have gotten a copy of Damon John's book and Shonda Rhimes and I'm greatly enjoying them. Just curious, what's the best book written by a black author that you have read recently?