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Top 10 BEST Black Male R&B Groups From the 90s

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Who were the BEST Black Male Singers in Groups in the 90s? LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 25: Ricky Bell, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, Ronnie...
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Absolute BEST Black Male Singers of All Time

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Absolute Best Black Male Singers of All Time Best Black Male Singers: Who are the Best Black Male Singers? Perhaps a great part of great...
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Who Was Teddy Pendergrass: Detailed Facts About The Amazing Musician

Darryl Littleton
Teddy Pendergrass was the embodiment of the male sex singer.  With his raspy, baritone growl he could seduce a woman in a matter of notes....
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The Undeniable Top 9 Best Black Singing Groups of All Time

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Best Black Singing Groups of All Time? See who we picked and let us know what you think. Black Singing Groups are no joke. From...
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The Indisputable Top 10 Love Songs by Black Male Singers

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Radio Facts: Love has been sung about in Soul Music in a myriad of ways: philosophically, poetically, sexually…in glorious full bloom, in grey rainy reflection…to...