Steve Harvey Speaks Against Unjust Criticism of Wife Marjorie (video)


In an impassioned speech, Steve Harvey poured out his frustration regarding hurtful comments about his wife, Marjorie Harvey, by bloggers and other sources. He expressed his deep love and loyalty for her, emphasizing that she is remarkable and has stood by him through thick and thin.

Shirley Strawberry, a member of his team, also bravely opened up about the humiliation she felt in a challenging situation. Steve acknowledged that discussing personal difficulties can be incredibly tough, especially in the public eye. They wanted to create a safe space for their audience, allowing them to come to work and find solace, even amidst their struggles.

Steve further reflected on the complexities of being a media platform. He highlighted the responsibility of brightening people’s days, regardless of the personal challenges they may be facing. Whether it’s sharing inspirational, motivational, or informative content, their mission is to uplift their audience, even when the circumstances are far from perfect.

Steve went on to recount his financial situation when he first met Marjorie. At that time, he had very little to his name and was going through a tough period in his life. Marjorie, however, remained steadfast and supportive, demonstrating unwavering loyalty and love. Their journey together wasn’t always smooth, but their love and commitment eventually led to marriage in 2007.


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