Steve Harvey offers Tribute to Doug Banks… while riding a Treadmill?


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Doing a tribute while on the treadmill (click "Next" above or below)
Doing a tribute to a late radio icon while riding a treadmill? (click “Next” above or below)

This is WAY over the top. I may be missing something because I don’t listen to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. With all due respect to the true radio vets on the Steve Harvey Morning show, Carla and Shirley Strawberry, and to Steve’s legacy as a media mogul, in my entire 30 years of radio, I have never seen a true “radio pro” do a show on a treadmill let alone make a tribute to a recently departed radio icon at the same time while riding it. Steve would fire me because I would be the one person to tell him this sh is unacceptable. We need to hear directly from and see Shirley on camera Steve, she is the one who worked with him right?  What gives? Is it me or is this disrespectful to our craft and to Doug? Can you imagine a preacher doing a funeral while eating chicken and waffles?
Am I making too much of it? Can you IMAGINE if a true radio Radio DJ like the late Frankie Crocker did a show on a treadmill in urban? he may have done it on a horse or while skating but he would have made it spectacular. Anything less would have never happened. Perhaps I am expecting too much but being a radio pro is a SKILL and a CRAFT there is no compromise, you work within those parameters. Perhaps a comedian would do a tribute on a radio show while riding a treadmill but a true Radio DJ…. would not. Considering that my urban radio brethren will not respond to this I’m asking fans of radio if I’m wrong.  I will open my mind and imagine the possibilities. Perhaps Steve has started a new trend. Here are my suggestions for other unorthodox ways to do a show on the air and to make a tribute to an icon. Your thoughts? (RIP Doug)

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  1. Steve Harvey had made the commit to do the treadmill, bike and whatever else prior to the untimely death of Doug Banks. If you knew Doug Banks, he wouldn’t want Steve to stop trying to raise money to help these boys and girls. If you stop and think about it Steve has to fly these boys and girls and their mother to Texas plus feed them three times a day in addition to that he has to pay some of the speakers and various other expenses. Having been in radio and concert promotions I fully understand what he’s doing and why he did what he did. Besides Kevin this day in age I commend anyone that tries to help the youth of today. In this case my brother you are 100% wrong.

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  3. I think it was perfectly OK. He was working out to help other people, and he couldn’t stop. I’m sure he will do a more extensive tribute to Doug Banks on his own show. When you capture immediate reaction from people, you have to catch them in whatever they’re doing at the time. Steve Harvey is one of the most sincere guys I know. He didn’t do anything disrespectful.When I was a reporter, it was called “spot news”. You found people and caught the comments on the fly, or the event was “on the spot” – happening live when you were there.

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  5. I think we are too harsh on each other.Doug was the one who first put Steve on the radio,letting him sit in for him when he was on vacation.He was the one who encouraged Steve.I would think Steve had much respect for Doug,his words he spoke on the treadmill ,to me reflected thatNot a fan of Steve per say,I liked him better when he local was on the BEAT in L.A.because he addressed real local issues I admire his hustle ,shoot more of us should be working out.Much ado about nothing in my mind.I am and will always be a huge admirer of Doug.And while I am writing I had no idea he was sick I missed it, but in my mind, the sad thing was he died,if he needed a kidney I would have at least tested to see if I could help.I have an issue that none of us if possible,did anything to help this good brother if he could have been helped.To me, we should be angry about that!

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  7. I get the whole commitment to raising money, but a legend, whom you claim you owe most of your career to, just DIED. I think listeners, contributers, etc for your cause would understand that and if you took a moment from walking the treadmill to pay homage. It’s a sad state when folks don’t understand the concept of decent and in order. RIP Doug Banks

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  9. Well hes invested his own money but you cant fund something like that out of your own pocket. I mean, he probably could but hes also raising awareness for his cause which Im very passionate about myself. Not to take away from it at all but the “tribute” seemed very informal and impromptu. I think that was great because it seemed like a group of friends just talking about another friend. Im not familiar with the work of Doug Banks but from all that his been said about him, I can tell he was an awesome man and I think the segment on the show was appropriate.

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  12. Really man? He spoke the words on a treadmill he prob would’ve said standing next to it! Stop it! Bashing him! Do u know his heart?

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  15. Hi, Before Doug made his transition, Steve was already riding the elliptical apparatus (not a treadmill), as a way of fundraising for the Marjorie & Steve Harvey Foundation that helps children in various cities who are being raised by single mothers, stay on the right track and/or get the insight of what being a young successful man/woman, should be, something they’d get from their fathers if they were in their lives. It’s all on Steve’s website if you’d care to look. He was only doing it for 4 days. Doug transitioned during those 4 days. It wasn’t a sign of disrespect & besides, I’m sure Doug wouldn’t have had a problem with it….

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  17. Stop giving Steve Harvey a thought and wasted energy.The main triumph is DOUG BANKS: his life, the legend, the legacy, his moment to shine. Love you Doug! Rest in Paradise!


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