Sheryl Underwood Radio Celebrates Its 500th Radio Affiliate


Sheryl Underwood Radio is amplifying the voice of urban radio and Black media while celebrating it’s 500th radio affiliate, with the addition of Atlanta-based SGR 81.4FM (internet station) Social Goats Media.

Entertainer, TV host and activist Sheryl Underwood founded Sheryl Underwood Radio in 2013 with passion and a dream. Underwood acknowledges that there have been champions who were part of this success. She says,
“Thank you Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx and everyone who ever gave me a radio job! We started with
one affiliate and one show in 2013 and now we have 500 affiliates and 4 shows! We produce Sheryl Underwood
Radio (airing five days a week), as well as Late Night Cupcaking (Slow Jams and Dedications); Spiritual Nourishment – The Best Bible Study on Radio (Gospel), Auntie Sheryl’s House Party (Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B), and The World According To Sheryl, the podcast of all Sheryl Underwood Radio produced content, all under the SUR banner.”

The phenomenal growth experienced by Sheryl Underwood Radio is due, in part, to the high-quality, high impact content provided to radio stations in the US and 20 countries: US Virgin Islands, Australia, Cambodia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Panama, Nigeria, Swaziland, China, Belize, Russia, Trinidad, Italy, Dominica,
Canada, West Indies, Pakistan, Uganda and the United Kingdom.

Underwood gives special thanks to Rob Wilkins who came on board five years ago. Underwood says, “we could not have done this without him. We wish him Godspeed To Great Things.”

Sheryl Underwood and crew provide energetic conversation about relationships, entertainment, sports, politics, news and hot topics of the day, and affiliates provide the music their listeners want to hear.

Vic Frost has this to say of the 500th affiliate milestone, “Wow! What an amazing accomplishment for an incredibly talented group: our favorite country lawyer Harry Southerland; the dynamic team of the male rights activist, Kyle Erby and Courtney Black bringing the facts, Jim Kelley with his encyclopedia knowledge of sports; Bishop Eric Sloss, our Spiritual Nourishment Leader. We can’t and won’t forget our contributors to all SUR programming: SUR news from radio veteran Sybil Wilkes; music historian Tyrone Dubois; master mixer DOC and our moderator Sheryl Underwood. That’s how you get to 500 affiliates…We made history, and we made it together, as one fine-tuned machine. Get ready for more to come!”

The entire team of Sheryl Underwood Radio also includes the marketing, creative and technical team: Joseph Anthony, Rhue Still, Joel Tokunga; legal team – Lawrence J. Turner, Esq. and the Pack Rat Foundation For Education team – Erna Foushee and Gene Patrick.

Underwood has remained true to her initial belief that all Black media outlets deserve quality support and access
to good content.

Sheryl maintains the original vision of giving affiliates a variety of program content packaged so that affiliates can
add their own local content to create customized station programming.

In addition to providing great entertainment, Sheryl Underwood started Black Radio Solidarity as an advocacy

Black Radio Solidarity (BRS) TURN UP THE TURN OUT, started in November 2019 and focuses on increasing
voter turnout and completing the 2020 Census. BRS is used to promote issues and stories that are important to the urban and African American community, like driving souls to the polls to VOTE; driving souls to complete the
CENSUS; driving souls to the THEATERS in support of positive movies like Hidden Figures, Black Panther and
A Wrinkle In Time and driving souls to give to HBCUs in support of higher education.

During the COVID-19 pandemic BRS has expanded to #AloneTogether, a call to action, to best serve the
community during the COVID-19 crisis. Over 587 organizations and media outlets have joined in this call to
action with the goal of gathering Black media under a single online presence.

With Underwood’s leadership, Black Radio Solidarity (BRS) continues to be a leading voice, issuing calls to
action around topics important to communities of color, especially African American communities.


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