Second Package Found After Explosion Rocks Northeastern University’s Campus


    A second package was found after an explosion rocked Northeastern University’s campus. A staff member was injured in the blast after a package exploded on Campus Tuesday evening, said the university.

    The FBI is assisting with the investigation. Close to a prominent art museum, a second package was found.

    One of the two parcels that was reported to authorities blew up. Near the city’s Museum of Fine Arts, located on the outskirts of the Northeastern campus, a second package was discovered and neutralized by Boston’s bomb squad.

    While a staff member opened the package at Holmes Hall, it detonated, said sister-station WCVB. The school’s creative writing program is stationed in the building.

    Northeastern spokesperson Shannon Nargi said in a statement that the staff member’s hand was hurt in the explosion and suffered minor injuries, although authorities declined to give more information.

    The victim was later described by Felipe Colon, a Boston police superintendent, as a 45-year-old male.

    Students who were present at the building for an evening journalism class were evacuated. Police arrived on the scene shortly before 7:30 PM.

    Northeastern boasts about 16,000 undergraduate students and is a private university situated in downtown Boston.  

    Mike Beaudet, a reporter for WCVB, was reportedly teaching at the school when the explosion began. He told the station that neither he nor his students heard the explosion, but they were moved outside.

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