Rickey Smiley Says He will not Spend Money to See Will Smith’s New Movie: “I’m Good” (Video)


    Rickey Smiley said he would not spend his money to support Will Smith’s New Movie “Emancipation.” However, celebrities such as Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, and Tyler Perry supported Will Smith’s intimate viewing of his new movie “Emancipation,” in Los Angeles, informed Da Brat.

    The radio show host said other A-list celebrities supported Smith as well as they came out for the viewing. Smith posted on Instagram that it was an “epic night.”

    “This night was truly one for the books. An amazing and brilliant group of friends got together and witness true art,” said Kenya Barris. He continued, “The conversation after was the effect of what anything and everything we as creatives do in this industry hope for. Love you, @willsmith, and thank you for hosting.”

    Perry posted via social media that “I am still haunted by “Emancipation.” It’s truly powerful, moving, and captivating, and the conversation after with the group was legendary. Thank you, Will Smith, for the preview.”

    “Emancipation” is due to be released in theaters on December 2 before it is to be released on Apple TV+ on December 9, said Da Brat.

    Da Brat said she is excited to see Will Smith’s new movie after everything that happened. He was almost canceled and lost a few “things,” so the rapper said she is happy to see the “I Am Legend” star bounce back.

    Rickey Smiley disagreed. He said that he is happy to see Smith rebound; he is “good” when it comes to supporting the new film. “I forgive, but I’m not [about to] spend no money on Will Smith,” he said.

    Da Brat suggested that Smiley wait until the movie comes to Apple TV+ and see it then. Smiley said he is a comedian and is waiting on Chris Rock.

    “If somebody did something to Missy, you know that’s your fellow MC. You know, you kind of feel some kind of way, so you’re like, I’m just gonna wait. Let me see what Missy says,” said Smiley.

    Da Brat said Smith is a comedian as well. However, Smiley disagreed. He said Smith started his career as a rapper and then merged into acting.


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