Steve Harvey Says Soulja Boy Needs to Apologize to Teddy Riley for the Atrocious Way He Treated His Daughter:  Riley is not a “Punk” (VIDEO)


    Iconic music producer Teddy Riley said Soulja Boy owes his daughter Nia Riley an apology for the alleged abusive way he treated her during their relationship, said Shirley Strawberry.

    Riley gave an interview with VladTV. He was asked about some of the things Nia said about the way Soulja Boy treated Nia such as physically and verbally abusing her.

    “Soulja Boy knows who I am… and he knows I’m very deep. We had an altercation. I was called a lot of names, and I got an apology. I’m looking for an apology for what he’s done to my daughter. I’m looking for that as a man; I’m looking for that. And I think she deserves it,” said Riley.

    The radio show host could not believe that Soulja Boy kicked Riley’s daughter in the abdomen while she was pregnant and put her gun to her head. He said he’s going to give the rapper a beating on site.

    Harvey said he has a little bit of inside information on the matter. He said Riley is not a “punk.” Riley is deep, and he got people around him, added Harvey. Riley is not satisfied with just one apology. He wants an apology for his daughter as well. For the men out there, who have daughters they are not going to allow someone to treat their child that way, informed the radio DJ.


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