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Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter Apologizes for Using N-Word but What about the Really Bad Pizza?

Papa John – looking more like Momma John in this picture quits as a board member of Papa John’s Pizza amidst controversy

I think I ate Papa John’s Pizza once in my entire life at a party. In my opinion, it was the worst pizza I have ever eaten. To that end, there is something about kids making Pizza that doesn’t make it very appealing anyway. Papa John’s pizza was not good and their stock prices falling certainly incorporates the now former founder John Schnatter’s latest controversy of using the N-word but the pizza was shi$$y as well. Schnatter was making reference to  “Colonel Sanders called blacks n—–s.” and never getting any backlash. What old white man can fry chicken? What idiot doesn’t know how the Colonel got or shall we say OBTAINED that recipe?

The founder of Papa John’s used the N-word as a way to train employees to prevent PR snafus on a … oops. The company has lost 96.2 million in market value according to Forbes for the controversy. They will appoint a new chairman (blacks should apply?) Olivia Kirtley, (pictured) the board’s independent director, will run the board until a permanent replacement is found.


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