Radio Facts “New Radio Star” Contest Seeks to Find and Establish New Radio Talent


Time to Give Back

There have been several contest in the industry geared towards Re-establishing radio talent. This one is very different, the industry as well as Radio Facts is looking for FRESHNEW, never been on the air before radio talent. After our story ran about the lack of urban radio announcers, we have decided that part of the solution for us here at Radio Facts is to regenerate excitement and interest about being on the air as a DJ and to give back by reaching out and helping to establish NEW talent and helping to pair them with programmers and stations at certain radio stations around the country. It is what we have been doing behind the scenes for several years anyway. We are working on the final details of a new contest for brand new talent called the Radio Facts New Radio Star Contest and we will disclose more details this week. We are going to spend some of our own money marketing and promoting this contest but we are looking for sponsors and partnerships in order to enhance it. This contest is directly targeted to radio programmers on both the urban and Rhythmic sides and we plan to not only seek new talent we will also follow their careers and advise them along the road to success.  For more information contact me directly [email protected]. In advance thanks for your participation.  You can submit your info here if you are interested in becoming a radio dj and we will keep you posted on the contestnewradio

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