Reach Media Issues Statement to Radio Facts on Departure of J. Anthony Brown


The premiere Black radio and music industry site, received this statement from Reach Media concerning J. Anthony Brown’s departure from the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) today.“J. Anthony Brown has been a great contributor and a part of the Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) family for many years. J’s current contract was set to expire at the end of 2016. J requested to be released from his contract a month early, and we agreed to his request. We appreciate all that J has done for the TJMS and wish him the best in the future.To continue the excellence in entertainment that the TJMS is known for, the show will feature top, live comedic and celebrity talent to serve as co-hosts on a rotating basis until a permanent decision is made.”  See What’s next for J Anthony Brown? 

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    • You can’t hide this mess, this is the problem with Religion they are always trying to cover up their filth while singing about Jesus.

  1. It/Black Christianity is all about religiosity i.e.belief and faith without facts. It is a direct and indirect supporter of Caucasian supremacy. It is all about self grandiosity and grandstanding. It is talking about a fairy tale deity named Jesus, when he nor any of his/Jesus’ alleged disciples can be proven to have existed. It is a fact, that the letter J did not exist, until the 16th Century; so, even if there was a person/deity supposedly named Jesus in the Biblical nomenclature, he did not have a name beginning with the letter J. In other words, no person named Jesus ever existed; he likely had another name, but, it was not Jesus. And, on and on and on.

  2. At this moment I can honestly say as Christians, we could learn a lot from Jehovah’s witnesses. They would have never exposed this type of beef. But it would have went DOWN in private. Google tactical warfare.

    • Okay..your saying Jahovah religion keep there issues silent so as a Christian one can learn from them…Wow someone is a little confused…Its not about silence because God see everything…This shows everyone has issues..Yes this occurred on a Gospel radio set because ,I guess something occurred with his wife and the guy and he was upset and it is what it is..Hopefully they will get things squared away but no religion is better than the next…Because I’m pretty sure other religions got somebody who have went with somebody wife..

  3. I read the article I thought it was straight entertainnent news not a Perez Hilton/ Funky Dineva get the tea opinion piece. Could you have written more information I about what occurred instead of all the wack ageism jokes or just limit them to one.

  4. Those two men are a disgrace. They totally disrespected the radio station with their vulgarity and filth. They were invited into an environment dedicated to the Lord like fools.

  5. I wish we could change his mind business is business the wheel must keep on turning and broken heart mean God will help those who are true friends Tom.. keep on doing what you doing as always let God lead you

  6. I think I need to start a bring back J petition. I echo the sentiments of the other listeners. I always looked foward to J’s return when other comedians filled in but it’s not gonna be the same. Change can be good sometimes, but not all the time. While I can tolerate Skip, he is no Tom and the same can be said for J. I love Sybil, but she is only a part of the trio that many have grown to love. “A leaf working alone does not provide shade”. Now that Mr. Brown has left the building, I don’t think I will be listening whenever Tom is out on vacation. I know I am just one listener, but I hope my voice can be heard. BRING BACK J. ANTHONY BROWN!…please!

  7. Not happy that JAB has left the show. Listening to the show is sad now. Its like someone has died. Has Tom, Sybil even said something about his sudden departure to the listeners. WOW my mornings will never ever be the same……. J. you made the show! If its a issue about money why wouldn’t you wanna pay him. Hell he’s worth it……. So who’s the replacement? Damon or Buggy Lowdown!!

  8. When Youngblood left 104.1 Morning Show on Saturday we screamed until we got him back. We must do the same now because that show will not be the same without J.Anthony Brown.
    This is just business .If a contract runs out just resign

  9. Well in this business change is always imminent, he’ll be greatly missed but this is also an opportunity for someone to show they can be just as affective as Jay, now they better bring the noise in the worst kind of way because they’re coming behind a legend, so if they really want it they’ll bring it!!! Jay will be just fine he didn’t leave to just whistle Dixie!!!

  10. The show won’t be the same without Jay!…plus the fact that the show has done very little to acknowledge it…Mrs. Dupree, Myra?…Who’s gonna murder the hits?

  11. Man oh man don’t get me wrong but he was the reason why I really listen on Friday to do my man dance by myself on the way to a job that I truly hate and it made my day he will truly be missed love you oh and watch out there now ,,

  12. TJMS has been our reliable four hour morning coffee. Period! We’ve been to the Sky Shows here in the USVI. Rene and I even patronized Sinbad’s show here because we linked it to the TJMS. We’ve listened for over 19 years and as the show got better and better, I kept noticing the spinoff – George W., Myra J., Ms. Dupree aso well as the skits or bits that keep the show entertaining. I have had to hunt the station down as the format changes. I, too, am forever greatful for the original setup and cast. I thought Tom was JAB’s boss and close friend. And though I am deeply disappointed at JAB’s departure, I have been contemplating the show’s exit from the airwaves for some time now. Not in bits and pieces as it continues to evolve. But no matter the changes, humor, especially JAB’since brand, has been the glue to all the other serious issues the show brought to the forefront. So how does Tom or Reach Media quantify JAB’s value? Alas, change is the only formidable constant.

  13. He probably wanted more money since his contract was due to expire; maybe Tom could not afford it. I wish him and his white women all that life has to offer them. Its ok do that if that’s your desire, but don’t flaunt it like you got something above your peers. Good luck with Sheryl Underwood because they always have to come back home for that buck from his own!!!

  14. I understand business is business. Looks like J saw an opportunity and he took it. The show is not the same and it seems a bit dry now. It also seems that it’s now taboo to mention J Anthony Brown’s name. There is no one who can fill his shoes however I’m sure you will try. Good luck on your shows future.

  15. really miss j show is not the same do not like any of the other one ecept craford he is the only one i like the rest do not care for them show is not the same really hate monday person.only listen now because it has good informatiom.

  16. Lets get together here and do a bring back J. petition. Here we go again divide and conquer. Then there is snake Steve Harvey who’s own trump troubles has him going after Jay. Wouldn’t want Steve to be my frat brother. Tom, Jay and Cybil have been a family to long.


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