Overcoming Racism: Newly Released Christian Non-Fiction Book Series Discusses Steps for Gaining Individual Victory Over Racism


Overcoming Racism: Newly Released Christian Non-Fiction Book Series Discusses Steps for Gaining Individual Victory Over Racism Laurel, MD, April 01, 2013 –(PR.com)– Marble Tower Publishing, LLC, a Maryland-based company announces release of empowering new Christian inspirational book series as excerpts from “RAYS OF VICTORY: NAILING RACISM TO THE CROSS.” Included in the book series are the following titles: Footprints of Victory Over Racism: In the Secret Place With God (Volumes 1 2); 150 Power Thoughts for Victory Over Racism; 150 Power Thoughts DIARY for Victory Over Racism; One on One With God for Victory Over Racism; On the Hammock: With the Oil of Grace for Victory Over Racism; On the Hammock: With the Sword of the Spirit for Victory Over Racism; My Rays of Victory Bible Study Diary; 150 Sign Posts to Victory Over Racism (Volumes 1, 2 3).

The above mentioned eleven out of sixteen titles are the first of the “RAYS OF VICTORY” book series to be published by Marble Tower Publishing, LLC, which discusses a Bible-based approach for every person who wishes to deal victoriously with the daily assaults of racism.

The author, Dr. Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson addresses some critical issues. What causes an individual or society to develop either inferiority or superiority complex? What makes one individual or a group to assert superiority over another and the other to accept inferiority? Does merely professing Christian beliefs rid one of racial prejudice and the motivation to discriminate against others who may be racially or ethnically distinct? If this were the case, should the most Bible-preaching belts of the world be free of racist practices? Is it just self-professed Christianity or actually living true Christianity that cleanses our hearts and minds of the seeds of racial prejudice and discrimination? The bible says in Hosea 4:6 “¦my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”¦”

Dr. Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson, an emerging award-winning writer and author of the book series, points out that “racism is like a virus that eats deep into our soul to destroy our humanity. It plugs our humanity with untruth and deadens our conscience to God. Racism ravages our soul and stifles the power of God from being fully expressed in and through our own lives to positively touch the lives of others. Racism is beneath any human being, black, white, Asian or any other race. Racism belittles all men and women. It is a devourer of our souls that comes only to steal, kill, and to destroy us, and stifles the manifeRadio Station of God’s power in our lives. When we allow our experiences with racism to negatively affect our mind and thoughts, it attempts to “˜deface’ our mentality, and then it masks God’s true image of us in our mind and perception of ourselves. The negative effect of racism can also be observed in the mindset, outlook, attitude and behavior of its “˜wounded souls’.”

The author, Dr. Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson affirms that racism is a very sensitive subject, which people are usually very uncomfortable discussing. Yet, millions of people are affected negatively by their individual experiences of racism in a myriad of ways and have nowhere to turn to get help or guidance on how to deal with their mental anguish, or how to acquire constructive skills to deal victoriously with racism.

The book series discusses how to apply the power and truth of God’s Holy Word, the Bible, to expose and demolish both hidden and blatant forms of racism, and how to gain individual victory over racism. The book series also describes what the true seeds of racial prejudice are and how one can identify the real assaults of racism. The books talk about how to apply God’s “spiritual armor” against the hidden subtle fiery darts of racism.

Dr. Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson, who previously released a fiction titled, “Mikela: Memoirs of a Maasai Woman'” that was published in 2004, is a Clinical Scientist and Pharmaceutical Consultant Director whose experiences with racism over the years, and her own individual triumph, inspired her to write this book to help others acquire a Christian spiritual approach to gaining individual victory over racism.

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