Killer Mike Gives Great Speech at Revolt Conference about More Relevant Black Focus


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ATLANTA, GEORGIA – SEPTEMBER 14: Candace Owens and Killer Mike attend day 3 of REVOLT Summit x AT&T Summit on September 14, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Revolt)
Killer Mike is an incredible voice of reason that other members of his ilk probably can’t help but to wonder if his noteworthy messages often go over people’s heads … even while they clap. In the black community, group think concepts often take precedent over opposing views whether we agree or not which is incredibly unfortunate. Here Killer Mike advises the audience to read and learn more about black history by referencing certain books and audio like Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams and Antonio Moore.We often go along to get along not allowing opposing thought-provoking positions like that of Candace Owens to be heard. Killer Mike intervenes during a panel debate between her and T.I. at this past weekend’s REVOLT conference in Atlanta about Trump’s stance on making America great again. Killer Mike points out the more relevant issue is about when it comes to agendas and black camaraderie in order to impose agendas on elected officials over arguing about who has the best master.While I was in Atlanta this weekend I missed the conference would have loved to have seen this. I have actually never met Diddy but commend him on his ventures like this one. See video below ….

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