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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: KKDA PD/New Syndicated Show?/Singers Resurface as DJ

Greetings all. Quite a bit to talk about this Friday. First, I want to see if you can guess who this is. A once famous songstress appeared in a record label office recently and she didn’t have her teeth in or wig on and she had a big gassy gut with no bra, which resulted in a very low hanging pair of coin bag titties. The label staff thought she was a homeless woman who had entered the premises and when she smiled and was coming to give a rep a hug, he noticed that she had a total of 2 of her own teeth and both of which looked like raisins.   I’m not going to say who this singer is but let’s just say you certainly know her music and she NEVER looks like that on stage. width=Let’s see in this week’s news. KKDA is still interviewing for the PD position. I talked to Michael Erickson and he told me he’s gotten a lot of responses to the position of at least 50 qualified programmers. The Radio Station is flying programmers in over the next week or two to do face to face meetings which will probably include being interviewed by the Radio Station ‘s staff as well. Erickson told me “I want to make sure the cand idate vibes well with the staff before I make a decision.” I asked him if he has seen anyone that has really impressed him already and he said he has but he wants to exercise all options before making a final decision. I asked him when he was going to make that decision and he said he hopes to within the next 2 weeks. I’m hearing of at least 4 top cand idates 1 of which is a woman but I can’t reveal here because all of the cand idates are working for other radio corporations right now. width=Another two singers have premiered radio shows (how in the hell are they doing this with SO many Radio DJs out of work? Oh, they are doing it for free, I guess). Calvin Richardson is on WBAV with a show called “The Soul Safe” in Charlotte, NC. and Keith Washington (remember him) has just premiered an evening show on Radio One’s WDMK in Detroit called something like Kisses Before Dark, Kisses after Dark, Kisses in Dark Areas … I don’t know, I just got the info this morning…sh….   He is replacing Jay Black or Jay Block (several people can’t figure out which one it is) who I hear from several sources was a pretty good host. Black/Block is said to be a former mix Radio DJ who switched to urban. What in de fook? I thought mix Radio DJs enjoyed a financially lucrative career that urban Radio DJs didn’t. I’ve never heard of one of them leaving that area to do urban.There is a VERY secretive deal that’s underway for a new afternoon drive syndicated show. Several PDs have heard about it but NOBODY knows who the host is. There is word that it’s a Clear Channel produced show and I’ve heard the name Cedric the Entertainer mentioned but even I don’t know this sh…. A source told me he walked in on a programmer signing up for the show but could not get any information.



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