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Jamie Foxx Subjected to Racist Tweets After Wearing Trayvon Martin Shirt at MTV Awards

2013 MTV Movie Awards - Press RoomIf you needed a reminder that racism, ignorance, and a$$holes still exist in this country, take a look at these tweets about Jamie Foxx once he wore a Trayvon Martin t-shirt to accept this MTV Movie Awards.imageimageimageimage“This Trayvon Martin case is soooo annoying”¦now give me my MTV MOVIE AWARDS!”imageimageimageProps to the guy above who used a gun emoji to criticize a shirt condemning gun violence. Good work, dude.imageimageimagelmao @ the dude running to tattle to Anthony from Opie & Anthony and George Zimmerman’s brother.imageYeah, fug Tavon! Who’s Tavon, again?imageimageAnd then there were people who could not possibly understand what Trayvon Martin and the Newtown victims, all children killed in the United States by gun violence, possibly had to do with one another.Basically what they’re trying to say, without saying it, is “why is that evil black thug sullying those poor innocent white children”¦”imageimageimageimageYes, as you can see, white people were pretty pissed. And some were clamoring to know  WHAT ABOUT THE POOR WHITES:imageimageimagelmao. Yes, NO ONE cares when black people kill. The justice system totally doesn’t cater to whites. There’s like zero black people in prison.imageimage



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