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Frank Ski Leaving V103/Atlanta

frank ski leaving V103


Frank Ski Leaves V103 After 14 Years of Service and There’s MORE to the Story…

Radio Facts the only industry trade serving Black and Black ac radio with up to the minute news and info has a BLOCKBUSTER for you… You read the title right, Frank Ski, the former mix Radio DJ and veteran radio host, is leaving V103 after 14 years of service to the Radio Station .

By the time you read this he will have announced it or will be very close to announcing it on the air. He has been stating he has a big announcement on the air all day yesterday. What else is happening at V103? Click the next number…

Wanda Smith ALSO Leaving V103

wanda smithFrank Ski has announced that he is leaving V103 and so is Wanda Smith. The stand up comedian was introduced to radio via the Mike and Carol show, which was the previous morning show before her and Frank ended up with their own show.

She is also ready to move on and pursue her comedy career. Wanda has been with the show for more than 14 years. Just who is going to replace Frank and Wanda at V103? Click the next number ….

Ryan Cameron Replacing Frank and Wanda Morning Show at V103

ryan cameronYes you’re reading it right. Local celebrity Radio DJ Ryan Cameron who was hired by former PD Mike Roberts over 20 years ago as a mix Radio DJ has grown into a very successful and respected radio host.

There could actually be no better replacement for the Frank and Wanda show as many have speculated for years if the duo ever left Ryan would replace then. Now it’s true, he will replace Frank and Wanda but just who is replacing Ryan? Click the next button to find out…Big Tigger

Big Tigger Replacing Ryan Cameron in afternoons on V103/Atlanta

Looks like industry vet Big Tigger is returning to the radio scene. He will be replacing Ryan Cameron doing afternoons while Ryan moves to mornings and Frank and Wanda exit V103 after 14 years.

Tigger’s extensive work in the Washington, DC area as well as BET should make this a pretty easy transition for him. He’s been on the beach for a minute and probably very eager to start winning… What’s the background info for this entire situation at V103? Click the next button…wvee

What REALLY Happened at V103?

Several sources have informed us that Frank Ski wants a syndicated show and CBS was not able to accommodate him. It was speculated that he may have signed a deal with Cumulus but we’re pretty sure he probably can’t work in Atlanta for a while after his exit from V.

It would appear that he must have some kind of deal in place, otherwise why would Wanda also leave?   Sources state the two do not have plans to work together in the near future so perhaps it’s just time to move on for them both. In addition Frank’s house is up for sale.

No word on the restaurant but one can speculate that where ever he is headed next it’s out of Atlanta. Sources informed us that the Radio Station really likes the Frank and Wanda show but they are ready to move on with Ryan now that Frank has made his decision. Frank has to be in his mid to late 40s at this point and he’s understandably, ready to proceed forth in his career. We wish him and Wanda the best. Oh just one more related important announcement… click the next button…

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