Civil Rights Activist DeRay Mckesson Joins Baltimore Mayoral Race


Mckesson signing up minutes before deadline
Civil Rights Activist DeRay Mckesson, 30,  has decided to enter the mayoral race for Baltimore literally minutes before the deadline to file. He stated: “Baltimore is a city of promise and possibility,” to The Baltimore Sun. “We can’t rely on traditional pathways to politics and the traditional politicians who walk those paths if we want transformational change.”The Black Lives Matter activist states that he will release his platform this week. He is the 13th and final candidate. The current mayor Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has decided not to re-run for the post. Mckesson, a Baltimore native, gained national prominence when he used social media to report on the death of Freddie Gray. His popularity and keen reporting helped his status skyrocket from twitter obscurity going against the traditional news media coverage.  He has close to 300,000 twitter followers.  

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  1. Good, and I hope he wins by a landslide oh and not because of what you might think, oh no I want him to see first hand at that ripe ole age of 30 just how “influential” he is in that big machine called politics and I want him to see first hand how even though you are the mayor of B-more, marcher for transparency in law enforcement, equality for all minorities, beacon of the future, hope renewer and the lion of the black lives matter cause that the killing among our young black people BY black people will not stop….They could care less your position meant diddly squat to them!!….Now go run to the police that you alienated thank god GOOD officers WILL ALWAYS DO THEIR JOB NO MATTER WHO NO MATTER WHAT Naw Mayor Mckesson will never get it but every good officer knows what it means when they say “A thin blue line”….And this young Mr Mckesson needs to see that first hand.


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