Bishop Porter (“I am Delivert”) has Interesting defense for the Black Church’s Hatred for Gays (video)


And the nominee for the WORST acting is… The ENTIRE cast of the video “Church Bullies.” I sincerely hope the rest of the event was not as detrimental and derogatory as this one. This extremely poorly directed drama did more harm to this young brother than helped him, this is not church it’s the schoolyard playground for soul predators. This is the EXACT reason I don’t believe in religion. When we believe that any man or woman on this earth can speak to us on behalf of our higher power, we are no longer in control of our lives. What does YOUR God say to YOU? That deserves the MOST respect. In the (literally) soul stealing drama focused on what was otherwise supposed to be an uplifting positive experience at a church convention called COGIC, a black man’s soul is stollen in front of 19,000 people while a Bishop steps in to play the role of God. According to Bishop Porter it’s best to simply push people off the edge when they are standing on it then blame the act on love, religion and what God told you to do. As the 19,000 people cheer on the spiritual homicide, the board tries to figure out how they can apply for even bigger grants next year for more new cars by attacking those groups of people who never fight back. Why don’t black churches talk about Gangs in the neighborhood, addiction, Diabetes, Heart Disease, ways to assist single mothers or more. There is no money in it. This could literally be wrapped in a minute if Black SGL people and Straight Black women stood up on this issue and interceded grant money and funding given to these organizations to assist but used instead to attack.

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