Award Winning Documentary “Push” Directed by Fredrik Gertten Opens in The Us This Friday – On Sept 25 Across The Nation in Virtual Cinema



Housing prices are skyrocketing in cities around the world. Incomes are not. PUSH sheds light on a new kind of faceless landlord, our increasingly unlivable cities and an escalating crisis that has an effect on us all. This is not gentrification, it’s a different kind of monster. 

The film follows Leilani Farha, the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, as she’s traveling the globe, trying to understand who’s being pushed out of the city and why. “I believe there’s a huge difference between housing as a commodity and gold as a commodity. Gold is not a human right, housing is,” says Leilani.


PUSH is my journey to understand why life in our cities is getting so unaffordable. For two years I filmed with Leilani Farha, we had daily Whatsapp chats discussing the issue. Early on it was clear that we were lacking a language to describe the ongoing development. Words like gentrification are not sharp enough at describing the issue. It’s a global disease when homes are turned into assets in a financial game. The gentrification talk creates a divide. Blaming a hip coffee shop or an art gallery for pushing out the poor is just silly. There are other – much stronger forces in action. If citizens and politicians want to push back the invasion of speculative money from hedge funds and criminals. we need a deeper understanding.

My hope is that PUSH will form a platform for better conversation. That people in countries around the world realize that the development in their town is not unique. There’s a global pattern, a business model repeated over and over again. A new kind of landlord, a hedge fund whose customers are not the tenants but the investors. PUSH is now out on a global journey, at cinemas and festivals. Everywhere, I meet people who through the film now feel less lonely. Just more angry. 


PUSH also includes interviews and participation of thought leaders:


New York, NY
September 25-October 8, 2020
Anthology Film Archives *

*Part of the series, “Home Truths:
Films About Housing Rights, Displacement,
and the Meaning of Home”!

San Francisco, CA
September 25-October 8, 2020
Roxie Theater

Berkeley, CA
September 25-October 8, 2020
Rialto Cinemas Elmwood 

Sebastopol, CA
September 25-October 8, 2020
Rialto Cinemas Sebastopol

Los Angeles, CA
September 25-October 8, 2020
Laemmle Theatres

Santa Fe, NM
September 25-October 8, 2020
Violet Crown

Austin, TX
September 25-October 8, 2020
Violet Crown

Charlottesville, VA
September 25-October 8, 2020
Violet Crown

Columbus, OH
September 25-October 8, 2020
Gateway Film Center

Chicago, IL
October 2-15, 2020
Music Box Theatre

Minneapolis, MN
October 22-31, 2020
Twin Cities Film Festival

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