August Alsina Gives Odd Message about Finding Love (video)


Even though it seems obvious it’s still hard to conclude what August Alsina is saying here but whatever it is as long as he is happy, good for him. To say that he is coming out in this video is inconclusive and if it’s a marketing ploy it’s a damn good one. Many online have said this is his younger brother or his nephew whom he’s been raising since he was a teenager but others think it’s his boyfriend while others state he is pre-promoting a new album project.

He talks about being put outside of his comfort zone while filming The Surreal Life and wanting love to show up and when it finally does show up, it shows up in a nontraditional way. He talks about coming to terms with his fears and says he wants a love that feels limitless and he states the love has now shown up in a new way. See video

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