12 Televised Performances that Absolutely Blew Us Away


When it comes to the art of performance, there are many artists that are very good but there are only a few that have mastered the art. Some artists just have a natural stage presence, other artists use the power of their voice to move the crowd, while others rely on elaborate sets, dancing, and guests appearances.

Over the years, whether it’s the Grammys, BET Awards, TV specials, or Super Bowl performances, we have been blessed to witness some of the greatest talent of all time. There are countless performances that we all can personally think of that come to mind that blew us away. You know those special performances that had us giving a standing ovation in our livings rooms like we were right there groovin’ with those in attendance.  

Some will argue that they have seen better and that is fine, others will argue that some of these artists aren’t perfect and that is also fine.  The one thing about all of these moments is, the performance itself was one to remember.  We know we left out quite a few but don’t worry, we will do this again. From powerful ballads, to medley’s, to hip-hop music at its finest, in no particular order, these are 12 random performances that blew us away.
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12. P Diddy Live at the 2002 VMAs

10. The Jacksons – Motown 25

9. Yolanda Adams & The Soul Children of Chicago -World Children’s Day

8. Marvin Gaye – 1993 NBA All-Star Game
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7. Beyonce – VMAs 2011 -Love On Top

6 Chris Brown – BET Awards 2010 -MJ Tribute

5. Justin Timberlake- VMAs 2013

4. Hip-Hop Tribute to Arsenio Hall

3. Big Daddy Kane Tribute – VH1 Hip-Hop Honors

2. Prince – Super Bowl Performance

1. Stephanie Mills – Sinbad’s Summer Jam

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