Why are they still called “MIXTAPES?”


mixtape1A mixtape for the most part use to be a recording of a DJ doing a mix. Obviously nobody uses tapes anymore, however the word mixtape is still used everyday and has taken on many meanings. In the 90’s DJ mixtapes were very popular and many DJ’s made a career out of doing them. In fact some DJ’s got so famous off of mixtapes that the RIAA went after them for copy write infringement. Then at some point in the mid 2000’s  it became popular for rappers to rap over tracks and put them on a CD and call it a mixtape too. The trend of this form of mixtape has effected the music industry in major ways. Many labels and artist are so sick of rappers rapping over there tracks that they are refusing to release instrumental entirely. This trend is really unfortunate for DJ’s that have utilized Instrumentals in the mix for decades. Instrumentals are a key mixing tool for DJ’s, especially on the radio.It’s not just no name artist that are doing mixtapes either. Several major artist are putting out mixtapes on a regular basis and in some cases the mixtape is actually better then there album. Artist have even gotten signed by doing mixtapes. One of the best examples is Drake. Drake had released several original mixtapes with original beats and in 2009 dropped “So Far Gone” which included the hit single “Best I Ever Had“. “Best I Ever Had” climbed up the charts and eventually Drake inked a deal with Cash Money.


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