5 Divine DJs You Should Follow on IG to Catch a Vibe


Today so many people call themselves DJs but we all know when we are groovin’ to the sounds of a master when we hear it.

We recognize those moments when the skill, passion, appreciation, and the love for the music come together in harmony like our favorite song.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, several DJs have taken to social media to thrill their followers and possibly gain some new listeners. No one has garnered the level of Instagram success that D-Nice has but there are several other DJ’s that have been using IG and other platforms to keep the party going.

While there are so many turntable technicians that could be a part of this list, these particular DJs will post or go-live from time to time just to give us a taste of what it was like to catch a vibe when the world was open.

While they are all of the female persuasion, that has absolutely nothing to do with their skills but everything to do with their amazing talent to move the crowd. Do yourself a favor and follow these music mavens.

5. DJ Domo

If you are trying to catch a DMV inspired vibe, definitely tune-in to Maryland’s own, DJ Domo. From spinning for Barack Obama to touring with BET and a host of other, DOMO is truly a master of the 1’s and 2’s. She is a music curator in every sense of the imagination and there is also a soulful conscious that illuminates from those proverbial crates of hers. Follow her @djxdomo

4. DJs Amira and Kayla

The words adorable, brilliant, vibrant, and amazingly talented come to mind when discussing this dynamic duo. DJs Amira and Kayla are 15-year-old twins who have a true appreciation for the craft and the culture.

They have mesmerized everyone from Steve Harvey to Jay Z and they continue to build a legacy for themselves that is only in its infancy. Amira and Kayla’s skills are far beyond their teenage years. Follow their journey @djsamiraandkayla

3. DJ Kiss

You know you are the sh*t when you tour as Oprah’s personal DJ. That’s right DJ Kiss has flexed her DJ skills for everybody and anybody in Hollywood and beyond. As an official DJ for the Oscars, all she does is win when it comes to her musical prowess.

She is even married to the highly successful master of the 1’s and 2’s, DJ M.O.S so she doesn’t just play music, she also lives and breathes it. Follow DJ Kiss on IG @kissthedejay

2. DJ Rashida

DJ Rashida is one the DJs on this list that makes me miss the outside. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing her move the crowd at several parties in LA, including the infamous KissNGrind parties where I also had the opportunity to meet Prince.

If you don’t know, now you know she toured with Prince for many years. She is so dope that she had The Artist coming out to parties that were taken place in old warehouses in Downtown LA. She now brings that dope to IG from time to time to provide a little musical healing for all of us that need it. Follow her @DJRashida

1. DJ Spinderella

Do I really even need to introduce this next Goddess of the 1’s and 2’s? Everybody should know Spinderella from the group Salt N Pepa. She wasn’t just a prop DJ for the group; she was and still is a force in the music industry as one the quintessential DJs who knows how to rock a party.

I have attended several functions where Spin did her thing and she never disappoints. Ask anyone who attended those legendary Do Over parties on a Sunday afternoon in LA how dope Spinderella was on the occasions where she blessed us all. Do yourself a huge favor and follow her @djspinderella.


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