WHAT? Snoop Dogg’s Single “1800” Inspires Tequila to do WHAT


As the namesake for Snoop Dogg’s single “1800,” on his most recent albums Malice in Wonderland and More Malice, 1800 ® Tequila is earning even more street cred. Produced by Lil Jon, Snoop Dogg’s “1800,” celebrates the tequila-enhanced hip hop music lifestyle Snoop enjoys and honors the brand as the rapper’s beverage of choice.   To celebrate its newest mega-fan, 1800 ® Tequila created the “1800 Sour Fizzle,” a mix of 1800 ® Silver Tequila, Triple Sec and 7-Up.

1800 Sour Fizzle

1 oz 1800 ® Silver Tequila

1 oz Triple Sec

½ oz 7-Up

Sweet and Sour Mix to taste

Shake over ice or blend, garnish with a slice of lime

In addition to the recent partnerships with Michael Imperioli, Rick Ross and the Triple C’s, the launch of the new “1800” track, which follows a sponsorship of Snoop’s number one team, the Los Angeles Lakers, establishes an even stronger following of game changers in the industry for 1800 ® Tequila.

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