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So you’ve been hearing a lot about Podcasting and you’re thinking about putting your own together? OK. What is is that you have to say? We’re Waiting to hear it!

Hard Lesson Learned …

Several years ago, I knew the podcast craze was coming and I premiered my first podcast in 2008 (ten years ago). This came after I had a bad experience booking for Rickey Smiley (not from Rickey himself he was great).

I came to realize I was wasting my time, I could book people for my OWN show (see post, I was a very different person 10 years ago)I put a team together shortly after that to do a series of podcasts and changed the name to The Radio Fact Radio Show.

I knew the [podcast ]industry was very new and I was hoping this team would understand my mission. Unfortunately, it didn’t go that way I stopped the team podcast and I started doing it myself.I changed the name again to Pennies from Kevin and gave vignettes about life (I still do the podcast).

The number of downloads was increasing for the solo show more than the group effort. 10,000, 20,000 50,000 and then the jackpot. One of those shows “Keep Your Mouth Shut and Your Options Open” got 750,000 downloads. What did I do at that point?

Well, instead of monetizing it and shutting down Radio Facts to keep doing it, I stopped doing the podcast instead (lol) and kept doing Radio Facts. (I know) Just then a major market Radio Station called me and asked how they could run the show on their Radio Station .

It was certainly one of those WTFWIT moments but I have learned over the years never to cry over spilled milk … just clean it up before it starts to stink and learn from it.


The one thing that I can tell you is a MUST when it comes to podcasting is consistency you absolutely must be CONSISTENT. I mean if you’re going to do it weekly do it the same time every week because fans do not like it when you’re not consistent they look forward to it and they want to hear it and you never know how much you inspire people with what you’re doing so you have to be dedicated NO EXCUSES. The minute you fall off you lose your audience as I did.

The thing I love about podcasting is it allows you to be an entrepreneur and to use your skills to communicate with others and at the same time it motivates you by monetizing your content with no middlemen, no bosses and no driving as you can do it from home or on the road.

You play all the roles. I have been paid for my podcasts and it can be a great added revenue stream. In addition, for those who want to explore being an entrepreneur, it’s a great crash course on running a business without a lot of overhead or stress.


You don’t have to be a DJ to do a podcast, as a matter of fact, I would venture to say people who have not been trained as broadcasters have the potential to do the BEST podcasts because the passion for the subject is the key and it’s NEW.

Communications skills ARE what you need in order to get your message across.  Some of the best podcasts I’ve heard, however, do not come from Radio people or people with radio experience but from novices who are very passionate about a subject.We are all salespeople and hustlers of some sort, we are always working to get others to see what we bring to the table and value is paramount.

In these days of social media celebrity and influence can be faked but you can’t pull that off with podcasting. I need to make you aware of that right off the bat. Listeners are hardcore and they see through BS and if they lose interest you will lose them.

I am often in awe at the immense potential podcasting talent I often see and hear on FaceBook from people of all ages who write great posts and do great videos but that’s it. They are wasting their time talent and ability to earn money by being dedicated to someone else’s brand (FaceBook).

The only return they get is likes and shares and they help FaceBook make more money with no profit coming back to them. Likes and shares on Facebook and Instagram can get you booked in clubs and ON a show but podcasting can get you booked FOR a show of your own and bring you corporate revenue.


The greatest advantage that radio people have, and shockingly there are VERY few who do podcasts, is that they can voice their own commercials and advertisers love a great sounding commercial. In addition, you can register some of your production or commercials that you have already done for your Radio Station or outlet on sites like Fiverr and Upwork to earn extra money. Radio pros know how to edit and produce best. Why not use your skills to help someone do a podcast or an advertiser do his or her national commercials?

YouTube: Podcasting Merging with Video

YouTubers are smart people. I was talking to a radio PD who told me he comes to a huge Video convention in LA each year called VidCon and many of the people on the online video channels are international stars making anywhere from $3,000 to over $300,000 a month with the videos, they make, that are monetized by Google Adsense and corporations giving them a ton of money just to MENTION a product.

Podcasting, if you have noticed is now merging with video. This is exactly what many morning radio shows are doing around the country but the podcaster has just as great if not a greater advantage. Joe Budden is a GREAT video podcaster. He’s a natural and people like him can do a show based on their celebrity leverage.

Mark my word radio is watching podcasters like Joe Budden and when they come to get him to do a show on the air, the ball will completely be in his court to write his own ticket IF he wants to commit to doing a show. Don’t rule out audio podcasts, there are many people who listen while jogging or on the train, a bus or a long drive or while cleaning the house.

We don’t always have time to watch videos. I’m always asked and I wanted to offer a few tips to the people who are seriously thinking about podcasting. Here are the most important things that you will need. If you don’t have GarageBand or Logic Pro (Apple pulled a REAL dirty stunt by killing the Logic Pro app which costs $200.00 with a recent update making people order and pay for it again.

Getting ripped off by Apple is another story I need to write about at another time). Here are four recommendations from me for those who are serious about doing a quality podcast. When traveling, you can take the Blue Yeti mic and interface with you and leave the speakers and headphones.

I always travel with a cheap pair of headphones just in case. As far as how to record your podcast, Audacity is a great start to learn the ropes. If you have questions put make a comment and I will respond.

Equipment for Podcasters and Voiceover


For me, the best mic is the Blue Yeti Pro for podcasts, you can travel with it and get a superior sound not get the PRO version. This mic has adjustments that can record just you, one other person, or open all the way around for several people.  [thirstylink ids=”208711″]Click here[/thirstylink] for more info…………………………………………

Mic Interface (best sound quality)

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools First, Red, 2i2 – 2 Mic Pres. Click here for more info and stats.



Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Studio Headphones. Click here for more info.……………………………………..

JBL 305P Studio Monitors

To use with your interface. Get more info here. 


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