The Top 10 Urban Programmers of All Time: Quotes on Some of the Nominees


The Top 10 Urban Programmer Winners will be named January 17 in the Radio Facts blog? Have you voted? (industry only please) you can do so >>> here <<<Here’s what some of our voters had to say about Nominees….E Rodney Jones was the programmers programmer.Lee Michaels battled the strong competition and was constantly innovativeJames Alexander set the stage for many others to follow.Barry Mayo is one of the most strategic programmers that I’ve been around.Frankie Crocker… Need I say more?Vinny Brown was not just a great programmer, he was lots of fun and has a greatsense of humorBK Kirkland:   Talented, Creative, SuccessfulMaxx Myrick is the best.Lebron LBJ Joseph is the best programmer and great to work with.Gary Young is an amazing programmerSteve Hegwood brought Urban Programming into its modern eraBobby Bennett BETTER be on this listTerry Base the greatest PD everTony Gray is a leader of leaders.Derrick Brown is a well-rounded PDSkip Cheatham is a programming BEAST!G Wiz has consistently made 93.3 THE BEAT a top Radio Station in the Jacksonvillemarket.Ron Atkins: I have the utmost respect for his professionalism and skillBrian Anthony was an awesome Program Director while employed with Clear ChannelChuck Atkins is a great coach, supporter and most of all a great programmer.John Candy has taken several Radio Stations from the bottom to the topCy Young is straight forward. I can appreciate that.Andre Carson’s mind is 10 years ahead of the format.Elroy Smith- he STILL listens to up and coming talentSkip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB)- A tenacious person who undersatnds the history of the formatTony the man! He has remained relevant for more than 30 yearsBobby OJay has been a HUGE influence on me and this generation of PDs.Steve Crumbley’s ability to adapt to 5 decades of audience in various marketsspeaks volumes of his ability…Andre Carson – He has alway been as solid a person as a programmer.Eileen Collier – I’ve watched her growTerry Avery – Great PD’s are like the great football coaches.   She is like a RoyWilliams but sure looks a lot better.”


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