The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Who Cannot Compete With Her Boyfriend’s Older Ex-Girlfriend: “You Can’t Do What 70 Do” (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman who cannot compete with her boyfriend’s older ex-girlfriend. A thirty-eight-year-old woman wrote the show to say that she is dating a 36-year-old man, said Shirley Strawberry. The couple has experienced ups and downs because the woman feels her man is in love with a woman older enough to be his grandmother said the letter writer.

    Before the couple got together, the man had a relationship with the older woman. The concerned author said the other woman is about 70 years old but is a personal trainer and has a body in mint condition. The boyfriend thinks he can be friends with someone he used to have an intimate relationship with. He still works out with the older woman, and the girlfriend has a problem.

    The girlfriend has tried to trust her man with his older friend, said Strawberry. However, that was not possible. One day the man confessed to the author of the letter that he had engaged in oral sex with the fitness trainer. The boyfriend admitted he stopped the woman out of guilt, but the girlfriend did not believe his story. The woman suspects she should end the relationship.

    Strawberry wondered if the fitness trainer was 70 or was the girlfriend “hating.” If so, that is a dramatic age difference. The fitness trainer “must really have it going on” because he “cannot get enough of her,” said Strawberry. The morning show host agreed with the woman that her boyfriend still has strong feelings for the older ex.

    Strawberry advised the woman to get out of the relationship because there were too many red flags that her intuition was right.

    “You can’t do what 70 do,” said Tommy.

    The older woman has the boyfriend hooked on her cooking, and other skills, explained Tommy. Because of that, the girlfriend should let the boyfriend go and move on. The woman “sees it” that the relationship between the man and his older friend is not just platonic, but she doesn’t want to see believe it, informed Tommy.


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